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Eternal Trend: Be Bold and Stripe Up Your Home

Want to add an exciting visual edge to a room or your whole home? Well, stripes might just be your thing! They can be playful, dramatic, formal, casual, anything you like.

Stripes and Spice Up Your Home Décor
Stripes and Spice Up Your Home Décor

Eternal Trend: Be Bold and Stripe Up Your Home

You can use stripes to make a room appear wider or higher, or to add some pattern – a dramatic striped wall is an excellent addition to your room. Get creative with stripes and spice up your home décor.

It doesn’t matter if the stripes are thin, thick, horizontal or vertical – they always provide outstanding results. Here are some of the best examples to striping up a home and making it look gorgeous.

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Places to stripe up

Stripes are trendy, and the best part is – they can be put almost anywhere and look amazing. First, we’ll give you some ideas on what places could be your next potential stripe victims:


Striped Pillows - Eternal Trend: Be Bold and Stripe Up Your Home
Striped Pillows

By adding striped pillows your bed will pop out like a candy, but you can also buy some interesting striped sheets, bed skirts, throws, and blankets as well.


There’s nothing more obscure and interesting than a striped floor, especially if it’s made of hardwood. You can use it for hallways or patios and by adding a mix of neutral colors you can create a rustic look.


Striped walls - Eternal Trend: Be Bold and Stripe Up Your Home
Striped Walls

Striped walls have always been trendy. Create more height in the room by adding narrow vertical stripes which grab the eye’s attention and pull it upwards. If you want the opposite effect, opt for broad stripes. Take your pick, grab that brush and get to work!

Drapes and Curtains

There isn’t a better way to emphasize your rooms than using vertically striped curtains. Beautiful Eiffel’s custom made curtains in Perth might be your best pick when it comes to quality and class.


Create an amazing pathway on your indoor stairs with stripes. Buy a striped runner, but for a classier look, don’t make it the same width like the stairs, so it can tastefully reveal a hint of the floor.


You can also add stripes to your chair, or sofa. Or better yet, make your dining area come to life by striping up dining chair seat covers.


A striped ceiling is certainly an unconventional thing you don’t see in every house, but that’s why you can try it. Create various patterns on the ceiling (don’t make the lines entwine, rather just let them stop where they meet) and you can create a tasteful illusion.


Yes, even a striped lamp can be an awesome décor addition. Not to mention how interesting it’ll look once you turn it on in the evening!


If you feel like adding some color and style to open display shelves, grab a sharpie or a brush and add some stripes. And, of course, don’t forget the ruler!


Don’t striped patterns on appliances look gorgeous? You can give your kitchen a bold and modernized look by simply painting black and white stripes on a washing machine or the fridge.

Carpets and Rugs

You don’t need to restrict stripes just to walls in your house, try to use them in more creative ways. Try striped flooring for a bold and unique look – do it by using carpet and rugs in any size and style you like.

Stripe Trends You Need to Try

Black and White

Using Black and White Stripes
Using Black and White Stripes

This never goes out of style! Use this as a rule of thumb: thick stripes add a modern look, while thinner is more classic – while a combination of both can also look enchanting.

You can try and mix it up – after all, rules in the design are meant to be broken all the time, aren’t they? It looks clean, edgy, and daring, whatever piece of furniture you choose, or wall or ceiling you paint.

The more creative ideas you get using black and white stripes, the better will your interior look – so try not to limit yourself to just one wall in your home. Although it’s a fairly old trend, it continues to retain its demand because of the extremely perfect style it adds to the interior.

Playing with Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Whether you want to emphasize the height or width of your room, you will know which type of stripes you’d need the most. Vertical stripes are customarily the usual way to go.

They are handy if you want to create an illusion of height in order to make the ceilings look higher than they actually are. Horizontal stripes are good in hallways because they nicely draw the eye’s attention and create a flow from room to room.

Thick and Thin Lines

Thin lines work best in small spaces – they provide a seamless and much bigger look, while thick lines work best in larger rooms. You also need to have in mind the width and color of the stripe.

If you want to make a statement, but make it not look too heavy on the eye, opt for a thick stripe – however, if you’re more into luxurious aesthetic, try the bright two-colored stripes.

Final Thoughts

Stripes have repeatedly been coming back in style for who knows how long, whether it be in your home or on your clothes and accessories. They can look chic and modern on one hand, while they can also make an antique and rustic room come even more to life.

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