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How to Get Your Living Room Party-ready Instantly

A house party is the most perfect social gathering due to a number of reasons. Unlike a club or lounge, you are in control of the music, guest list, hours of tremendous fun — all is in your own hands.

How to Get Your Living Room Party-ready Instantly
How to Get Your Living Room Party-ready Instantly

But if you don’t have a formal room for the party, then guests would make their way to your living room. Therefore, you’ll have to make several arrangements to make your living room ready for a party.

Your living room doesn’t need to look like something out of a glossy magazine, but you need to make sure your space is set up in a way that it can accommodate all guests easily.

How to Get Your Living Room Party-ready Instantly

Don’t you worry! Here are some instant ways to make your living room party-ready.

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  1. Declutter Before Anything Else

Now that the limelight is in the living room, your guests would definitely mind if it is a mess. So before doing anything else you need to make sure that you properly declutter each part of your living room.

The adage “everything in its place” applies here more than anywhere. Start off by putting away items that don’t belong in the room. Discard any broken items that are lying around. Clear up the whole space – throw away empty wrappers, toss the laundry into the washing machine, stow away your electronic gadgets, headphones and everything that is not needed.

Slide the laptop inside its covers and place it on the shelf. Rearrange the bookshelf if it is jumbled up – usually, bookshelves are cluttered in living rooms due to easy accessibility of books. Flaunt the decoration pieces that have been stored.

Clean up the room thoroughly; remove any dust from the corners. You need to clear everything up beforehand to avoid any anxiety attacks because leaving anything for later may cause chaos — for when your house is in shambles and the guests are on the door, it is nothing less than a nightmare.

  1. Set Up Classic Lighting

Setting up either too dull or too bright lighting can instantly turn off the amazing setting of the party because lighting transforms a space!

Your guests wouldn’t want to struggle with low visibility; therefore, the option of dim lighting can be easily ruled out. Instead, choose different sorts of lighting – for example, you can get lamps of different heights along with some fairy lights to be spread across the table.

A little candlelight never hurts. Why not light up some candles to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere? To maintain a candle ambiance, refrain from using super bright lights. Instead, just use the floor lamps.

Lighting also helps in organizing spaces; you can set up some spotlights in different parts of your living room to make space for people who love dancing at parties. Spotlights can also be used to give special attention to some parts of the living room – such as the snacks table or the cocktail-making area.

Make sure you replace all your old bulbs with new ones and check whether all of them are working properly because good lighting would enliven and perk up your party.

Set Up Classic Lighting
Set Up Classic Lighting
  1. Flaunt Your Furniture

Don’t hide your furniture to create extra space in the living room because you never know how spare furniture can be utilized.

Since it’s a party, setting up a mini-bar or a cocktail station would be mandatory. It would contribute to making things more casual as guests would be able to customize their own drinks.

Your small side table could easily turn into a cocktail bar. Remember to accommodate wine coolers in the space too. After all, who doesn’t love chilled wine and other beverages, especially when it’s within your arm’s reach?

When you’re hosting a party, you obviously cannot skip food. You need to serve your guests well. Any extra table could also be used for buffet or appetizers — but remember to keep your menu simple so people don’t have to hit the tables again and again.

The space you need would depend on how big of a party you’re arranging at your place, but you don’t have to hoard any of your furniture in the store because you never know what may prove to be useful.

  1. Beautify with Fancy Decorations

When we talk about decorations, it’s not always fancy balloons and ribbons. If you’re hosting a party, you need to keep the décorboth decent yet classy.

Fresh flowers could be one of the best options because they can instantly change the entire look of the room. Fresh flowers and plants, when placed in a unique container, not only enhance the look of the room but also refresh the atmosphere.

For plants, you can opt for indoor plants that are easily available. You don’t need to invest in exclusive or antique vases; something like a tall glass or even a coffee mug would do the job. If not flowers, then some scented candles can also be used to give a boost to your décor. A fireplace would be a plus point, but you need to light it up all night long.

Beautify with Fancy Decorations
Beautify with Fancy Decorations
  1. Make Special Arrangements

Living rooms tend to have the most comfortable furniture ever. Well, this won’t be enough when you are making it ready for a party – you’ll have to organize it in a way where people can chit-chat in groups.

It would be awesome if you make your party environment feel as natural as possible so people don’t adopt a formal setting. Setting up multiple conversation spots suitable for small groups also helps.

Put up cushions on your sofas, as they would also serve off-hand floor seating. It would also eliminate the need to haul in furniture from another room. While serving food you can pull the chairs closer to the coffee table or guests can grab their food and sit anywhere they feel like.

Making your living room ready for a party could be challenging if you don’t know what to do, how to arrange and set things up. Living rooms are spacious no matter how small or big your house, but all you need to know is how to do things right!

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