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Modern Ceiling Fan Trends for Every Room

Ceiling fans have long been put on the sidelines as the one thing a stylish home design can do without. Yet, you’re missing out on the functionality that a ceiling fan adds to your home.

More people see ceiling fans as a way to cut costs, and the market is going to grow by 2.5% over the next few years.

Modern Ceiling Fan Trends for Every Room
Modern Ceiling Fan Trends for Every Room

Modern Ceiling Fan Trends for Every Room

Is it possible to have a modern ceiling fan that screams style and function? Read on to find out.

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Nautical Interior Designs

One of the major interior design trends of 2019 is that there’s a shift towards going coastal. This is a vintage, yet modern trend that you can use by implementing a lot of white colors.

You can have white colored walls and use a modern ceiling fan design to compliment the walls and not whitewash the room. Your ceiling fan can be a slate or gray color to add an industrial look to the room.

Ceiling Fans are Smart, Too

If you’re doing any type of home projects, you’re likely to discover that homes are smarter than ever before. You can control lights, music, blinds, and yes, ceiling fans with a voice command.

These ceiling fans are usually compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. You’ll want to check the compatibility before you buy.

Lighting vs. Fan

Do you need your ceiling fan to double as an overhead light for the room, too? This can open up a lot of opportunities. You can get a ceiling fan where the light is the dominant focus and the fan is made up of small blades.

On the other hand, you can get a fan with larger blades to circulate air and have a smaller light. Both can be cone in a modern style.

Get Funky

It’s rare when a ceiling fan makes such a statement that it becomes the focal point of the room. The Torto fan by Fanimation manages to do that.

It uses twisting blades, instead of the straight-lined blades you’re used to seeing. This will give you a modern and funky look that you won’t find anywhere else.

They Still Have to Be Installed Right

Now, one thing that people find intimidating with ceiling fans is installing them. They cause about 19,000 injuries in 2013. You don’t want to be a statistic and get injured. You may need to do rewiring in your home to install a ceiling fan.

In that case, you’ll need to call in a professional, such as this electrician Brisbane or someone local to you.

Modern Ceiling Fans Won’t Ruin Your Home’s Design

One fear among homeowners is that you have to sacrifice style for the sake of function. With modern ceiling fans, you don’t have to. You can, in fact, have both and make your home look great.

Whether you’re going to go with a nautical design trend or stay with an industrial and modern look, you can get a ceiling fan that suits your style.

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