Featured of How to Transform Your Home into a Party-Friendly Place

How to Transform Your Home into a Party-Friendly Place

Parties are nice. You get a lot of people over, some friends for company, maybe a few drinks to spice things up. Then after the alcohol kicks and makes your legs wibbly wobbly like a paraplegic who forgot their disability, someone breaks a Han dynasty ceramic, shattering the music into silence.

Not. Cool. Han will get mad, eyes surging from slits to death rays.

How to Transform Your Home into a Party-Friendly Place

How to Transform Your Home into a Party-Friendly Place

Well, that’s what you’d get if you don’t prep your place up for a party. Planning a revelry doesn’t just involve calling people over and ordering some pizza. You also have to set up your venue, in this case, your home, to properly accommodate your guests.

It’s your responsibility as the host.

How to Transform Your Home into a Party-Friendly Place

So whatever celebration you’re planning, whether it’s a wild night or a wholesome family event, make sure to organize your home first before starting the occasion. Follow these tips on how to transform your home into a party-friendly place.

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Rearrange Your Furniture

Your first order of business is to make some room for your guests.

You do not want anything to get in the way of partygoers. You certainly do not want any low-lying furniture to kneecap anyone.

Take note, most of your guests will likely be unfamiliar with the layout of your house. No one will see that ottoman until they trip over it.

So either place your difficult-to-notice furniture in the corners or bunch them together with more conspicuous, a couch, for example.

Cover Up Sensitive Surfaces

In many parties, you can’t control how your guests hold their beer or their food. There will likely be spills and spillage stains.

So if you do not want to ruin your lacquered panellings and centerpieces, you may want to conceal them with something decorative like carpets to cover your floors or burlap tablecloths to clothe your tables.

It’s easier to wash fabrics than to scrub suspiciously smeared surfaces.

Besides, with the right decors, not only will it be easier to clean up after the party, you’ll also set the mood for your event.

Prep Lots of Chairs

No, you do not need to play musical chairs. However, you will need a good number of seats. You want your guests to be comfortable, do you?

Even those who love to go wild on the dance floor need to sit down and rest.

Hence, gather all the chairs around the house and make them available in the designated party room/area. If you do not have enough, go buy a set of plastic chairs; they’re fairly cheap.

It’s recommended that the number of chairs you have has to be more than the number of people coming over. Because in some cases, your guests may bring another person with them.

Change Your Lights

Lighting subtly influences a person’s mood. Bright lights typically keep you awake, while dim ones make you relax.

With that in mind, adjust your lights to reflect the theme of your event. You can even buy disco lights if you’re planning a rave.

You may want to set this up in a way that you can easily adjust the lighting later. As a party proceeds, moods change. Forcing the same ambiance all throughout the occasion can either bore or drain your guests.

So be spontaneous and flexible with your lights. You can create highlights of the night, elevate the overall energy, or cool things down with just a turn of the light knob.

Prepare Last Minute Decorations

With all the furniture in place, your lights fixed, and your entire house cleaned and sensitive spots covered, now it’s time to put some ornaments as even the smallest details do matter. You don’t have to make a trip to the department store and buy. There are some materials at home that you can make use of.

Make a table centerpiece out of artificial flowers or candles and place them inside a glass container. Bring out those dinnerware sets that you’ve been displaying (or hiding) for a long time. Change your pillowcases into new ones as some of your visitors might pass out and sleep on your couch.

Some parties like baby showers, children’s parties or graduation parties may require some additional décor such as banner, balloons, confetti, hats and party favors. Sticking to a theme, for example for baby showers, can help you visualize and decide what to buy. You can head on to your nearest local party supplies store or online to buy these if you don’t have the time to make it on your own.


These are the basic ways on how you can turn your home into a great place for a party. Follow these five tips and you’ll garner a reputation for hosting some of the best parties in town.

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