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DIY Candle Party Favors, Candle Holders for Table Decorations

Creating paper tube DIY Candle Party Favors decorations is an easy project which adds a touch of elegance to any party table. These paper candle holders for DIY Candle Party Favors are also safe as battery operated candles are used instead of burning tealights.

Choosing the Theme for DIY Candle Party Favors Decoration

The first step in creating an elegant paper tube DIY Candle Party Favors decoration, is to decide upon the theme for the party. The following project can be used for any holiday or special occasion, and the paper design chosen should reflect the theme of the party.

The theme can also be chosen by color or colors. For example, silver paper for a New Years Eve celebration may be chosen. Whatever the gathering, these DIY paper tube candle decorations are sure to add a very elegant touch to your table, without hurting the budget. For sake of demonstration, a princess paper tube candle decoration was made for a princess party theme and the finished product of DIY Candle Party Favors is shown here.

Image of Princess paper tube DIY Candle Party Favors
DIY Candle Party Favors, Princess paper tube candle decoration

Gathering Materials 0f DIY Candle Party Favors

For this simple DIY Candle Party Favors project, download and print a picture of the photo you wish to use for the diy candle holder onto white card stock. Surf the net for the picture of your choice and copy it. This is actually the most time consuming part of the DIY Candle Party Favors project. The DIY Candle Party Favors decorations can be made in less than an hour.

  • A push pin
  • A round glass mirror (purchase as many mirrors as you will make)
  • A battery operated tea light (purchase as many candles as you will make)
  • Ribbon, ruffle or tulle
  • Glue
  • Double sided-tape
  • Optional – Crysals or shiny beads to add to the base of the DIY Candle Party Favors
Pic of Battery operated candle for DIY Candle Party Favors
Battery operated DIY Candles

Putting the DIY Candle Party Favors Together

Now that the theme has been decided upon and materials gathered, it is time to make the diy paper candle holders.

  • Decide where to put the holes into the paper with the push pin. Doing this, along with the glass at the bottom of the holder will provide a luminous effect. There will need to be at least 20 pinholes in the paper.
  • Measure the ribbon, tulle or ruffle to the width of the paper or design.
  • Glue the ribbon, tulle, or ruffle to the backside of the paper. This will be on the inside of the tube when it is finished. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.
  • Roll the paper (card stock) into a cylinder (tube) shape.
  • Secure into the tube shape into place with the double sided tape.
  • Place the finished DIY Candle Holder onto the glass and the battery operated candle inside.
  • If desired, add some shiny beads or crystals to the base of the DIY Candle Holder on the mirror for a even more dramatic effect, depending upon the theme.
Picture of round glass mirror for DIY Candle Party Favors
A round glass mirror for the DIY Candle Party Favors

Expanding the Idea of DIY Candle Party Favors

Using a bit of imagination, these decorative DIY Candle can easily be made for party favors for a wedding shower or baby shower. They can be used as a part of the table decoration and each guest can take one when they leave. If playing a party game, stick a number to the bottom of the mirror for the game.

The best part about this DIY Candle Party Favors decoration is that it is safe. Oftentimes if you are having a gathering at a venue, they will not allow candles to be burned for safety concerns. Also, if small children are around, there is no risk of a harmful accident. The only time it is recommended not to use these DIY Candle Party Favors is in direct sunlight as they will not sparkle as well. It is best to use them indoors.

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