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How to Build a Loft at Home: A Do-It-Yourself Loft Guide

After being stuck at home for so long, many of us noticed things that need improvement. Whether you’re home with kids who won’t stop bugging you about somewhere to hang out, running your own Airbnb, or just looking for a new, cozy place to relax, building a loft is the perfect way to maximize your house’s capabilities.

We’ve all seen beautiful lofts in design magazines and home and garden shows, so thinking about how to build a loft is often intimidating. It’s a major construction project, after all. Is this something you can do?

image - How to Build a Loft at Home: A Do-It-Yourself Loft Guide
How to Build a Loft at Home: A Do-It-Yourself Loft Guide

In most cases, yes! In the event that you can’t do it personally, there are easy options for you, too. Read on to learn how easy adding a loft to a room can be.

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Convert Your Attic to a Loft

Perhaps the most well-known option homeowners have when building a loft is converting an attic. However, this is sometimes trickier than building a loft from scratch. For that reason, be in touch with a loft installation company to help guide the process, if not to take on some of the work for you.

First, measure your attic and inspect the joists to make sure it’s suitable. Insulation and ducts may need to be relocated. If your attic lacks an appropriate ladder, you’ll need to cut space for and install one.

A loft, by definition, is open on one side—many attics aren’t. It’s not impossible to cut or create an opening, but it is a tricky job.

When converting your attic, stick to building codes, check that you have all the right permits, and avoid creating instability at all costs. This will probably involve holding parts of your attic up while you work on other areas, and mistakes can be dangerous—if not deadly.

If this sounds hard, that’s because it is! The best option when converting an attic is contacting a professional unless you are one yourself.

How to Build a Loft Without an Attic

Unlike converting an attic to a loft, building without using one is surprisingly easy.

To build a loft, you need to create a frame out of plywood and secure it to the walls. After that, you secure joists across the frame for a stable floor—or a bed frame, if you’re making space for a mattress.

You’ll add boards for the floor and secure them as well, and create a space for a ladder. For safety, it’s smart to put a railing around the platform. Once you have everything well-attached and confirm that it’s level and sturdy, you can start decorating the loft.

Yes, it’s really that simple! Still, don’t overestimate your ability. Even the best builders benefit from other professionals looking at their work over!

More Easy DIY Home Projects for You

Now that you know how to build a loft without hassle, are you prepared to decorate it and make it into a dream loft?

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