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5 Bountiful Reasons to Hire Masonry Contractors

Did you know that the average home can last up to 100 years before it needs repairs? That may sound like a long time. But if you choose to build with masonry, you can expect your new home to last even longer.

Masonry is one of the oldest ways to build a home or other structure. Masonry contractors use mortar to adhere individual units together into a loadbearing structure. Most masonry buildings are made of brick, stone, or concrete.

image - 5 Bountiful Reasons to Hire Masonry Contractors
5 Bountiful Reasons to Hire Masonry Contractors

Aside from its longevity, masonry has added benefits for homeowners. Today, we’re guiding you through just a few of them. That way, you can decide for yourself if a masonry construction system is right for your new build.

Ready to dive in? Then you better keep reading for the top five reasons you need to hire a masonry contractor to build your new home.

1. Masonry Systems Save Time

Did you know that masonry contractors can start construction immediately? You won’t have to wait on shop drawings, fabrication, or material supplies to get your build off the ground.

Additionally, masonry contractors don’t jump from job site to job site. They will stick with your project until it’s finished, which saves even more time by cutting down on potential errors.

Don’t believe it? Then you need to get in touch with a masonry contractor like Brick & Stone Company Inc. to learn the truth for yourself!

2. Masonry Cuts Costs

Masonry contractors use local materials and local labor to give you the home or building of your dreams. Plus, your masonry building won’t need an additional frame since the masonry itself is loadbearing.

What do these two qualities of masonry mean for you? You can cut costs by choosing to go with a masonry contractor.

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3. Masonry Reduces Energy Needs

Masonry building materials are energy efficient because they increase a home’s thermal mass. Contractors can add insulation between masonry layers, which effectively eliminates weather-related temperature changes.

In the long-term, this quality of masonry can save you money on heating and cooling costs.

4. Masonry Buildings are Fire Resistant

You can save even more money with masonry since it can reduce your fire safety insurance premiums. Insurers love masonry because these buildings are virtually fire-proof and made to last.

Why? Masonry products are non-combustible and can protect any combustible materials inside your home in case of a fire.

5. Masonry Buildings are Made to Last

With their resistance to fire, mold, and extreme weather, you can easily see why masonry buildings can last for centuries. In fact, research shows that bricks alone have an average lifespan of over 500 years!

If you want a home that’ll last a lifetime and beyond, it’s time to hire a professional masonry contractor.

Hire Masonry Contractors for a Job Done Right

Want to take advantage of these incredible benefits but don’t think you need masonry contractors to do it right? Think again because hiring a professional will help you get the job done right the first time. And that means even more money saved.

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A stonemason services refers to the construction of a structure using stone as its main material.