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A Brief Guide on Equipment Breakdown Coverage in House Insurance

Harsh weather like storms and heavy rains accompanied by lightning or freak power surges can scare any homeowner.

Similarly, walking into the house and finding rotten food in the refrigerator and freezer, an electrically fried toaster, a malfunctioning dishwasher, or the washing machine spilling water on the floor.

You might not know this, but unexpected equipment breakdowns are costly to fix, and this is why most people find it hard to choose between repairing or getting new home appliances.

image - A Brief Guide on Equipment Breakdown Coverage in House Insurance
A Brief Guide on Equipment Breakdown Coverage in House Insurance

If you are a first-time homeowner, you might be wondering if home insurance policies cover appliance damage. But you can clear your doubts with residential insurance experts like allcityadjusting.com.

The answer will depend on your insurance policy. And this means that some insurance policies cover home equipment damage while others don’t.

Also, note that the reason your home equipment stopped functioning will also be taken into account by the insurance company.

Opting for standard house insurance will prevent you from enjoying policies that offer protection against mechanical failures.

With that said, many policies will help homeowners replace equipment damaged by covered risks such as lightning or accidental fires.

Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Common Equipment Failures

Most home appliances are more likely to break down from everyday use. Standard Homeowner’s insurance policy covers, therefore, do not affect parties repair or replace devices that end up non-operational due to;

  • Neglect
  • Age
  • Age
  • Manufacturing failures
  • Product defects
  • Unexplainable problems

It is important to note that the Standard Homeowner’s insurance policy rules apply to general home appliances like water heaters and stoves, not just the sophisticated ones like washing machines.

Since this is the reality, property owners have to pay for the equipment repair or replacement costs.

Are Home Equipment Covered with Home Insurance Policies If Damaged by Covered Risks?

Homeowners Insurance policies are designed to help homeowners have peace of mind that their lifestyle won’t change in equipment breakdowns at home.

These policies cover the cost of the insured home equipment and various items damaged by named risks, aka perils. These risks include;

  • Vandalism
  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Fires
  • Tornadoes

Insurance experts recommend contacting your agent when you want to review your policy.

These experts will help you have a comprehensive understanding of what is covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy.

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Is Kitchen Equipment Covered on Home Insurance?

Homeowners Insurance is like any house insurance cover. And this means that it will cover specific kitchen appliances that a named risk has damaged.

Knowing that dangers like theft, fire, or vandalism can happen to the kitchen equipment, property owners should expect their water heaters, toasters, sandwich makers, blenders, juicers, and microwaves will be covered on home insurance.

The reason for this is that all kitchen equipment is also considered personal property.

You might be tempted to make insurance claims when your water heater or toaster is broken since it is your right. Isn’t it? You should, however, note that claiming some equipment is not worthwhile.

Insurance companies make deductibles that can exceed the cost to replace broken appliances with new ones.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Refrigerators?

Yes, refrigerators are covered by homeowners’ insurance. However, as we earlier mentioned, you should note that they are only covered when they are lost or against various named risks.

This means that your refrigerator will not be covered if it breaks down due to general maintenance issues.

On the other hand, if the fridge stops working due to storm damage, fire, or lightning damage, then your homeowners’ insurance cover will help you get a new one.

What Insurance Covers are Ideal for Appliances That Need Repairs?

When home equipment breaks down, sometimes repairing might be cheaper than replacing, especially when the broken-down equipment can be fixed by replacing a component.

If this is the case, are there home insurance policies that cover equipment or appliance repairs? The short answer is yes if you opt to supplement the available standard policy.

Customizing the standard policy allows property owners to include a home warranty or even appliance or equipment breakdown. Read more about them below.

Appliance Breakdown Insurance

Home insurance companies understand that their clients need several comprehensive covers.

These firms go the extra mile to include equipment breakdown insurance in their policy covers.

You should opt for the services of these insurance firms if you need help paying for unexpected equipment repairs.

Before opting for equipment breakdown insurance, you should note that some of these policies still do not cover repairs that result from wear and tear and aging.

You should also remember that finalizing appliance repairs under these policies can be time-consuming.

Additionally, it would help to consider how much you would be paying for the deductibles and premiums to assert if the cover is worth purchasing.

Home Warranties

Did you know that property owners with home warranties get help paying for different home appliance and equipment repairs? Now that you know, also note that the cover helps pay for repairs to;

  • Septic and sewage systems
  • Swimming pools
  • General appliances
  • HVAC systems

When compared to home insurance, home warranties are not sold by your insurance company but 3rd party insurance vendors.

Consequently, these policies do not offer any protection to your actual dwelling.