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4 Brilliant Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

Going solar is no longer strictly for your tree-hugging neighbor. Solar panels (and other solar-powered home energy devices) are officially mainstream.

image - 4 Brilliant Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home
4 Brilliant Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

Today, it’s cheaper and easier to install these gadgets, and we all get more out of them.

Are you thinking about installing solar panels but find yourself teetering on the edge of a decision? These four benefits may help you finally take the leap.

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  1. You Get Rebates and Tax Credits

The government is practically throwing money at people who choose renewable energy of their own accord.

Every state has renewable and solar incentives to help you pay for the costs. Plus, the federal government also allows you to write off the cost of the panels from your income taxes.

For example, Utah offers a tax credit for 25 percent of the eligible system cost of solar panels.

Between the two, you can save up to fifty percent of the cost of your system through your taxes.

  1. You Save on Energy Bills

How much do you spend on your gas or electricity bill? Do you feel pain when you get your winter heating bill?

A high-quality photovoltaic system can bring your house down to net-zero energy consumption. That means you don’t need to pay your utility company anything.

Plus, the solar panels absorb the energy from the sun, which means it doesn’t make it to your roof. They can also reduce the temperatures in your home by up to 35 percent. As a result, your house stays cooler, making it even easier to use less energy to maintain the temperature.

Worried about clouds? There’s no need. Your system even generates energy on cloudy days (usually 10-20 percent of the power created on a sunny day).

  1. You Protect Your Roof

Rain, snow, and snow all damage your roof. While shingles and tiles withstand 15-30 years of pressure from the elements, you can extend it slightly further.

Solar panels protect your roof from the snow and rain by serving as a physical barrier. They can be particularly helpful in blocking ice dams that appear during cold snaps.

The added few years combined with the value of the panels could even bolster your home price if you decide to sell.

  1. You Bring Costs Down for Everyone

As more and more people choose renewable energy, we lower the cost of production and installation thanks to economies of scale.

By being among the early adopters, you make solar more affordable so that everyone can enjoy the cost savings, energy independence, and environmental benefits.

Everyone Should Be Installing Solar Panels

From energy independence to spectacular savings, installing solar panels is an excellent idea for many homeowners. Plus, you don’t have to absorb the cost by yourself; the government takes much of the burden from you through tax breaks and rebates.

Are you about to embark on a home improvement project or replace your roof? Why not add solar panels?

In the meantime, make sure to visit our Home Improvement archive for more home remodeling and DIY ideas.

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