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How to Choose Furniture Moving Casters for Your Move

Almost 40 million Americans move every year. Some of those moves are to other states while others are two nearby cities.

No matter where a family is moving, one thing is for certain — getting your furniture to cooperate on moving day can be a hassle.

Fortunately, furniture moving casters make things a lot more manageable.

image - How to Choose Furniture Moving Casters for Your Move
How to Choose Furniture Moving Casters for Your Move

Furniture moving casters are wheels that you can attach to the bottom of your furniture so you can roll it instead of lifting it. The primary consideration when working with casters is that they come in several varietals.

To know which type of caster to invest in, consider the following factors:

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How Much Does Your Furniture Weigh?

Weight is one of the primary considerations that you’ll need to mull over when purchasing furniture moving casters.


Because if you miscalculate your caster’s weight capacity, you’ll break your casters, your furniture, and possibly your bones.

Each individual caster comes with a weight limit attached to it. Multiply that figure by the number of casters that you’re going to use on a piece of furniture and you’ll have the total capacity that you don’t want to exceed.

There are heavy duty casters out there that can support well over 1,000 pounds.

What Are Your Movement Needs?

Some casters only allow you to move items forward and backward. Other casters operate on a swivel that enables 360-degree moments.

Consider what your moving needs are and make sure that you buy furniture moving casters that facilitate the appropriate range of motion.

What Kind of Flooring Will You be Rolling Over?

The material that casters are made out of can either be hard or soft. Soft casters work best on hard floors that you don’t want to scratch. Hard casters work best on surfaces like carpet.

Your caster professional will be able to tell you which casters are made out of materials that are considered hard (cast-iron) versus soft (rubber balloon).

Do You Need Special Features?

The last consideration to think about when buying casters is whether or not your move has special needs.

For example, if you’re moving furniture down a hill, you’ll want casters that have breaks on them. If you’re planning on leaving casters on your furniture after your move, you’ll want casters that are less visible than the bright-red commercial casters that a lot of hardware stores sell.

Whatever your needs are, let your caster sales expert know and they’ll be able to match you with your best options.

Furniture Moving Casters Can Make Your Move Safer and Faster

When coordinating a move, it can be tempting to just throw all of your furniture on your back and will it to its destination. Unfortunately, that strategy runs a high risk of causing you or your moving party injuries.

By investing in furniture moving casters, you’re investing in safety and expediency. In our opinion, that’s an investment worth making.

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