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Myths versus Facts about Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is making waves in the interior decorating and designing industry nowadays because of the classic beauty and craftsmanship integrated into each item.

The Amish are famous for using solid wood when crafting their furniture items, making each one as sustainable and beautiful as possible. The Amish community also takes pride in the results of their creations as these are often environmentally friendly.

image - Myths versus Facts about Amish Furniture
Myths versus Facts about Amish Furniture

These items are built to be versatile, too, making them work perfectly whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor wood furniture pieces. Another great advantage of Amish furniture is that it is long-lasting. You can expect these handcrafted pieces to last for several years and generations.

However, before shopping for a piece of furniture from this community, it is crucial to understand some myths revolving around these items.

Here are just some of the most common misconceptions about Amish furniture and the truth behind each one:

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  1. The Amish Community Uses Low-tech Methods in Crafting furniture

This is not true. As a matter of fact, each piece of Amish furniture is built with integrity, care, and precision. The Amish want to make sure that each furniture they make can last for several generations, which is the reason why they do not believe in applying shortcuts during the manufacturing process.

They also make it a point to use woodworking technology and equipment, including AutoCAD drawings and advanced finishing techniques. The good news is that despite using high-tech methods in creating pieces of furniture, the Amish still focuses on making the output as sustainable as possible.

  1. Amish Furniture is Only for the Kitchen

While you can find several beautiful pieces of Amish kitchen furniture, keep in mind that these items do not just belong to that specific part of your home.

You can find several Amish-crafted chairs and tables made beautifully using cherry, maple, oak, and other wood species that blend well in other parts of your home, like your living room and outdoor spaces.

You can also see these items being integrated with a wide range of paints and finishes. Apart from catering to your kitchen, the craftsmanship, style, and quality present in Amish furniture also make it perfect for those searching for filing cabinets, office desks, and wall units and media stands for their flat-screen televisions and speakers.

You can also find upholstered sofas and chairs that you can add into your family or living rooms, making these spots as cozy as possible. Furthermore, Amish furniture can also be used for outdoor entertainment by putting it in your patio. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the Amish make pieces that are totally versatile.

  1. Amish Furniture Items are Built to be Old-fashioned

This is not true. The styles of Amish furniture are not totally old-fashioned. Despite the fact that the makers create their items in a way that reflects their old beliefs and culture, they also do not fully shut out modern technology in the manufacturing process.

You can still find some manufacturers using woodworking processes and techniques in the past, like the mortise and tenon attachment.

However, you can also find a lot of Amish who utilize modern tools, like inlays and veneers. You can see the community evolving as far as crafting their furniture is concerned, so expect to be able to find a high-quality, durable, and beautiful piece that will match your home even if it has a modern theme.

  1. Amish Furniture is Too Expensive

This is one of the most common myths about Amish furniture. While the price of these items is higher than other furniture, keep in mind that it is still reasonable. The good news is that you will also be getting a high-quality item made of real and solid wood, not the flimsy type.

What you will be paying for is the attention to detail, precision, and quality of the furniture. It is also built to last, so if you pay higher than usual, it is surely worth it. It is a misconception that this furniture is sold at an extremely expensive price, though, since the price tag is still reasonable.

  1. Amish Furniture Requires Extreme Care and Maintenance

No, this is not true. Amish furniture even falls under those items that are low-maintenance. It only requires basic cleaning. You may also want to use catalyzed varnish from time to time to maintain the beautiful finish of the furniture.

Also, the thing about the solid wood used in Amish furniture is that it tends to get more beautiful as time passes by. You can also improve it by refinishing or repainting it.

  1. Amish Furniture is so Plain

Contrary to what others believe, Amish furniture is not plain. As a matter of fact, you can find several styles and designs of this item. While they focus on simplicity, you can still find a few embellishments in the items that make them even more beautiful.

Also, the style is a combination of mission and shaker, which is not only well-made but also functional and durable.

The shaker style often features round wooden knobs, subtle curves, tapered legs, and wooden handles. You will also notice graduated drawers as part of the design elements of the shaker.

Dresser drawers often showcase graduated style – with the bottom part being the largest so you can store heavier items there. They get narrower and smaller as you reach the top.

As for the mission style, you can see it has a simple and rustic theme. This often makes the furniture not only strong and durable but also beautiful. Combining both the shaker and the mission style makes Amish furniture showcase its simplicity elegantly and beautifully.


There are several misconceptions about Amish furniture, drawing some potential buyers away. However, it is time to straighten the facts about these famous makers of household furniture.

Through proper research, you will learn that Amish furniture items are actually great additions to your home.

They can provide several great benefits — among which are the timeless look, environmental-friendliness, durability, and low level of maintenance. With that in mind, investing in one and decorating your home with this beautiful piece of furniture is surely worth it.

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