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Timeless Coastal Design Defined

You know that relaxed feeling you have during a vacation at the beach? That serenity is the inspiration for what is known as coastal design, and this trend is not showing any signs of slowing down.

This style may not be what you think of when you hear the word “coastal,” which at one point may have looked more like a beachy shell shop than a classic, sophisticated theme.

Timeless Coastal Design Defined
Timeless Coastal Design Defined

Timeless Coastal Design Defined

Before you write off coastal design for your home, you may want to explore what elements exemplify this Malibu interior design trend.

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By the Sea

To understand what coastal design is, you may want to know what it is not. You should not expect to find bright tropical prints of island design, sailing accessories that go with a nautical theme, or lots of terra cotta and ironwork which are indicative of the Mediterranean coast.

The coastal design is quite understated, in a nod to minimalism. That less is more approach to home décor allows for free movement and unencumbered relaxation.

Sky, Sand, and Water

In addition to an open floor plan and plenty of natural light, coastal design follows the natural color palette of the beach. Soothing shades of watery blues, sandy neutrals, sun-bleached whites, and pale grays allow for complementary colors that don’t overwhelm you or your guests.

A Santa Barbara interior designer may recommend an accent color, such as a light coral, sea glass green, or light aquamarine to add a little flavor, but otherwise, most of the soft colors blend together to evoke a feeling rather than vie for attention.

Au Naturale

Natural textures and materials are another hallmarks of coastal design. You can incorporate wood furniture, natural fiber rugs, and upholstered pieces that invited you to sit and take a load off. You may see a bit of shell or driftwood, but those small touches of beachy sentimentalism should not overpower or take center stage.

To get a better sense of the elements of timeless coastal design, you can reach out to an interior designer who works magic in this style and can work with you to create your own beach vacation paradise in your home.

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