Featured of How to Give Your Home a Touch of Scandinavian Design

How to Give Your Home a Touch of Scandinavian Design

If you’re looking to transform your home into something that feels a little less cluttered, a little fresher and has that boost of vitality you need in your life, then classic Scandinavian design is a good way to go.

With its clean lines and light muted colours, Scandinavian design can give a home a bigger and brighter feel with far more room for the things that truly matter. And with family life and a happy home being a well-known central part of the Nordic lifestyle, you can bring in a touch of Hygge whether you live in a quiet country cottage, you’re looking for houses for sale or you’ve just moved into your first apartment.

How to Give Your Home a Touch of Scandinavian Design

Living Room Scandinavian Design

Living Room Scandinavian Design

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Clear Out the Clutter

Scandinavian design is widely based on its minimalistic functionality and focus on the warmth and balance of a home. And while you may think this means you’ll have to hide your shoes that have been piling up in the hallway for the past, what seems like, decade, Nordic décor is, in fact, more about showing off your organisation rather than concealing it.

A pine set of shelves with its functional simplicity is the perfect way to sort out the shoes and add a modern chicness to the hallway. You can do this with everything from kitchen organisers to clothing racks and if you’re stuck for a bit of inspiration, you can always take a trip to the beloved IKEA for hot dogs and meatballs and a whole load of stylish storage.

Calmer Colours

Nothing sets the mood more in a home than the colour you fill it with so switch it up and bring in a calmer atmosphere for a relaxed stress-free space. Lighter shades such as ivory and eggshells are a favourite in a Scandi interior, with accents of blue and a variation of natural textures creating a dynamic palette in any room.

Nordic design is known for the rustic details they incorporate, whether it is hardwood floors, or a worn leather chair draped in a soft knit blanket, so give your home a slice of this distinct mature character and embrace a more sophisticated look.

All in the Lights

The Scandinavian home is all about the important family time we spend together. The home is a place that should bring us closer and allow us to enjoy each other’s company without the constant hum of business outside our four walls and nothing reflects this more in Nordic décor than lighting.

With low hanging lights over the dinner table, the focal point becomes each other, and the time spent together, whether we’re playing a game of monopoly, having dinner or chatting with our close friends.

With the modern chandelier look merged with a Japanese style paper design, these whimsical light fixtures are a favourite among our Nordic neighbours and fill a room with a soft glow simulating candlelight. This is not only important for a relaxed atmosphere, but it also allows our bodies to prepare itself for sleep, taking away the stresses of the day and ensuring we get a good night’s rest.

Simple Lines and Symmetry

Whether you live in an older home with its own character already or you have a contemporary house under shared ownership, you can express an offbeat Nordic design through basic patterns and art.

The classic look is all about chic simple lines and monochromatic patterns that are used within all kinds of creative Scandinavian artforms. Just a black and white stripe cushion on the bed or a whole wall of coordinated picture frames of special moments, the idea of keeping it minimal and tasteful is key to achieving this uncomplicated interior.

Go Green

Scandinavian design is all about the rich natural landscape and balancing the outside with the inside. Decorated your home with dark green plants and simple leafy details can be just the thing to give your home an air of vitality and freshen up space. However not only should you be adding in the green to your home, but the Nordic countries are also leading the world in fighting climate change and saving the planet.

So, swap those regular bulbs for energy efficient ones, make use of timers on the plug sockets and ensure your walls are well insulated. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you will also be saving a bit of cash for your pocket too.

So why not try something different for the new year and create a space that embodies the stress-free, family orientated, hygge harbouring Scandi lifestyle. You may just find it not only changes your home interior but perhaps your mindset too.

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