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Most Common Shutter Measuring Mistakes You Should Avoid

When planning to install exterior shutters, taking measurements is the first step. You need to be sure of the size of your windows before buying anything. The measuring process should not be a difficult one, especially when you know that it is all about taking and recording the size of every window.

However, one thing that is for sure is that if you take the wrong measuring for shutters, you will have to deal with a lot of problems. Wrong measurements can occur even when you are keen. It is because there are many mistakes that people make during this process.

Exterior Shutters - Common Shutter Measuring Mistakes You Should Avoid
Exterior Shutters (Most Common Shutter Measuring Mistakes You Should Avoid)

Most Common Shutter Measuring Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let us look at the most common shutter measuring errors that you should avoid.

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  1. Failure to Record the Measurements

If you want to measure exterior window shutters, always write own the figures. This situation often happens when you are working alone. Sometimes, you may assume that you can remember all the measurements and therefore, you do not have to record them. This approach may work when you only measure one window.

Even in such a situation, you can always forget the measurements, and this will bring forth a lot of problems. Nothing can be as frustrating as when you walk into a store to purchase shutters only to find out that you cannot remember the actual size. To avoid this problem, always have a pen and paper to record the measurements.

  1. Estimating the Size

Some people look at their windows and assume that they can determine their scales when they buy shutters. This trend is quite risky because you can never be sure of what to buy. For example, anyone that has ever bought these items will tell you that they either appear bigger or smaller than their actual size.

If you try to estimate, you will end up with a situation that will be difficult to solve. For instance, when the shutters are small by just an inch, you can be sure that they will not be useful unless you modify them.

  1. Taking One Measurement

The wrong measuring for shutters can be a result of taking one measurement. Some people assume that all the windows on their houses are the same size and therefore, they only measure one. Even when these windows appear to be the same size, you will be surprised to find out that there are vast differences.

A window may be bigger or smaller by up to two inches, and therefore, one shutter cannot fit them all. Even when you are in a hurry, it always pays to take all measurements to be sure of everything.

  1. Taking the Measurements Of Old Shutters

Instead of measuring the actual size of the window, some people prefer to go with the heights of the old ones. Although they may sometimes be accurate, it is not always the case.

Old blinds may have gone through a lot of wear and tear and therefore, they may not be the same size they were when you bought them. They also may be a different design, and so, you have to go with what is current.

  1. Not Measuring In Three Places

When taking the measurements of the window, the width, as well as the height, should be made in three areas. You need to measure the top, middle, and the bottom of the frame. In addition to that, you should take vertical measurements on the left, right, and at the center.

When you do it this way, you will notice that some windows are not of the same size in these three areas. Failure to recognize this variation means that you may end up with items that fit on the upper and bottom side, but not in the middle.

  1. Using the Wrong Measuring Tape

Which tape do you use to measure window shutters? Studies show that a lot of people are not using the right tapes. There are those that use rulers, cloth tapes, and other items that do not give them the correct results. For example, a cloth tape that stretches during the measuring process can lead to inaccurate results.

The experts in this industry recommend that you should use a standard steel tape for this purpose. When measuring, make sure that no part of the entire length bends because it is a sure way to get inaccurate measurements.

  1. Ignoring the Depth of Your Windows

It is common to see people focusing on the width and height of their windows. They want to get the most accurate measurements of these parts because they believe that they are the most critical aspects. What they fail to understand is that the depth matters too.

You need to know how thick the windows are so that you can buy the right design. For example, you may want to know if the shutters will overlap the entire window, or if they will be made to fit inside the depth. How will they be opening and closing?

  1. Mixing Up the Measurements

In the book where you record your measurements, be sure to indicate everything. Draw a table that shows every window and the length, width, and depth figures. What usually happens in such a situation is that people take the right measurements, but accidentally mix them up.

For instance, if you take the length of one window and record it against the width of a different one, you probably will end up purchasing shutters that do not fit. To avoid this, you may also want to take the entire measurements of every window before moving to the next one.

As you can see, you have to be careful when you want to measure window shutters. If you do not have an idea of what to measure, you may want to hire an expert. They will record every figure for you so that your task will be to walk into a store and pick the right sizes. Apart from helping with the measuring process, good contractors will help with the installation too. Choosing a reliable supplier will help you to avoid the many mistakes that homeowners make.

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