Featured of 6 Essential Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Cozy Living Space

6 Essential Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Cozy Living Space

Essential Tips for Converting Garage Into a Cozy Living Space — Almost every homeowner realizes at some point that their family needs more living space. Since buying a bigger house and selling the old one can get really stressful and expensive, maybe it’s better to consider converting the space you don’t use into a living room, an office, or a den.

6 Essential Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Cozy Living Space

The easiest space for remodeling is most certainly your old garage. There is a great possibility that you don’t even park your car in there, and don’t use it for anything at all. If that’s the case, start working on redesigning your garage, and the tips below will guide you through the whole process.

6 Essential Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Cozy Living Space

6 Essential Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Cozy Living Space


Get Well-prepared

Before you start with renovating your garage and turning it into living or working space, go ahead and make a detailed plan. Think about all expenses coming your way, and make sure that you stay within a budget. If you decide to work by yourself, you’ll need some high-quality tools and materials, so make sure to search for the ones that suit you best. Keep in mind that remodeling garage will probably decrease the overall value of your property. Because of that, think twice before you engage in this adventure. On the other hand, if you are there to stay, don’t hesitate and start working.

Start with the Utilities

Almost every garage has its own electric lighting, but that’s pretty much all. You’ll need to invest in heating and plumbing, and it would be great to seek an advice and help from a professional on that matter. At this point, you already know how will you utilize the new space, so install utilities the way they suit you the best. Regardless of the type of the room you’re making, you’ll probably need to get the TV,  internet and phone cables there. In case the garage is the large one, consider installing a small bathroom and kitchen as well.

Install the New Door

Once you made a detailed floor plan and you know where all subdivisions will be created, start thinking about the entrance. Of course, one door can be placed in the back so it connects the new living space with the rest of the house, and the other will be installed instead of the old mechanic garage door. It is crucial to remove the old door because you’ll need a lot of daylight in your new room. Keep in mind that experts from Sphere Constructions recommend installing a glass door that will illuminate the space and serve as good isolation. Big glass surfaces can let the cold in, so make sure you work with the best materials.

Upgrade the Floor

Another way to insulate your new home office or playroom is to take care of the old concrete floor. This material is very bad and there is a great chance you won’t be able to raise the temperature if you leave it there. Because of that, go ahead and raise the floor above the concrete in order to create a cavity for insulation. You can use the plywood to construct the frame for the new floor that can be made out of any traditional flooring material. It is up to you which material you’ll go with: vinyl laminate, carpet with underlay or anything in between.

Don’t Forget About the Car

In case your garage is a big one, or maybe has another level, you can design it the way it can still be used for storing your vehicle and tools. If you decide to go multi-purpose way, make sure the car is always clean since you don’t want to endanger your health while spending time in another part of your new living space. During the summer days, you can keep the car outside and enjoy the whole space, but once the rain and snow show up, make sure to park it in a designated space, while the other part can be used as an office, for example.

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Get Some Furniture

At the end, once you did everything considering utilities, painting, dooring, flooring, you are ready to engage in interior design. Make sure to keep it simple, so go ahead and search for minimalistic solutions. You want a space that is cozy and spacey, and that setting will help you to clean and declutter easily. Pick up just a few big pieces of furniture and place them as you like. Everything old and worn-out should be removed from the garage, and you can do it through a yard sale. Another way to make some extra space in your new living room is to donate stuff you don’t need to charity, or go ahead and rent a remote storage unit.

Final Thoughts

Converting a garage into a new living space can be a lot of fun, but always think about your safety. Because of that, get yourself a helmet, working suit and gloves, or anything you think will help. In case you’re not as skilled as you need to be for this effort, feel free to hire a few construction professionals and they’ll do the job in a blink of an eye. Once you’re done with conversion project, organize a party for your friends and family, and introduce them with your new living (working) space.

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