Featured of How to Organize Your Home like an Adult

How to Organize Your Home like an Adult

At some point in our lives, living in a home that’s just too cluttered isn’t feasible anymore. Unfortunately, organizing the entire house from top to bottom is often a large chore that we don’t have time for as adults.

Still, using a few tips and tricks to tackle clutter in small ways can often give some insight into how to quickly fix the bigger problems.

How to Organize Your Home like an Adult

How to Organize Your Home like an Adult

How to Organize Your Home like an Adult

Taking even ten minutes to do a quick tidy up allows for some patterns to arise, and then you can use those to force yourself to do even bigger things.

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  1. Make a Bed

A wise leader once said that making a bed is the first job of the day, and if you do it consistently, you’ll already have a success under your belt. Plus, it feels good to collapse back into a well-made bed at the end of the day. It can take just a few minutes, can help you to wake up, and is a good morale booster to start off the morning.

If you don’t want to make your bed or want to take it a little further, do a quick pick up in your bedroom, organize a desk or frequently used space, or load up the dishwasher every morning. Then the little victories will start to add up.

  1. Use Shelves and Trays

Having a tray or box where people can place items such as books, drinks, or other frequently used items in living rooms or kitchens will allow for an easy solution to clutter. If you have a zone where everything goes, it will help keep you organized.

Using shelves or hooks by doorways can also free up cluttered closets and give you a place to put jackets, umbrellas, and keys. That way, everything you need for an outing is right there at your fingertips and time isn’t wasted on looking.

  1. Make One Day a Cleaning Day

Marking down a cleaning date and time in your calendar may seem a little over the top, but knowing in advance that you will be cleaning from 1:00 to 2:00 every single Saturday can help you do it consistently over a long period of time. As you work for that time every week, you’ll get faster and more mindful of clutter throughout the week, and you’ll be able to become more effective at keeping your space clean and organized.

Effective organization and cleaning habits don’t happen overnight, and if you find yourself struggling to keep your stuff clean, a storage locker might be a good alternative. Storage units Rancho Cordova facilities, or one in your area, are a good option to keep excess stuff close at hand while you hone your organizational and cleaning habits.

Then the excess items can be gradually worked back into your life and home, and you’ll have a better method to ensure that everything can be kept neat, clean, and organized. That way, you’ll feel like an adult in a clean living space, no matter what age you are.

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