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The Benefits of Artificial Grass and How It Can Make Your Property Great

Why is the grass greener on the other side? Because they use artificial grass, that’s why.

More and more homeowners have been waking up to the sight of a fresh green lawn that never yellows. The best part? Good looks are just one advantage of the artificial grass Melbourne has around its neighborhoods.

Artificial grass (also called fake grass or synthetic grass) gained widespread attention in the 1960s. The material is made of synthetic fibers that are designed to look like real grass. First used for outdoor sports like football, baseball, and field hockey, fake grass became popular with homeowners as a means to save money and time.

Benefits of Artificial Grass
Benefits of Artificial Grass

The Benefits of Artificial Grass and How It Can Make Your Property Great

There are several kinds of artificial grass to choose from, making synthetic grass ideal for landscaping enthusiasts. But that’s not all there is to fake grass. Here are all the benefits of getting artificial grass for your home:

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  1. Artificial Grass Looks Better Than Real Grass

Artificial grass needs none of the usual requirements of real grass, like water, sunlight, and constant maintenance. It retains its green-ness all throughout the year, no matter the season. That means homeowners can take their well-deserved Christmas holidays abroad—without worrying about the mess of a lawn waiting for them when they get back home.

Synthetic grass is also recommended for shaded areas. The grass is quick to brown if it doesn’t get enough sunlight — that’s why homeowners with large trees on their lot all notice the same thing: grass near these trees rarely looks as healthy as the rest of the lawn. Getting artificial grass solves this problem — lawns will look uniformly fresh all the time.

  1. Save On Water (and Water Bills) With Artificial Grass

Melbourne is no stranger to droughts. Up until 2009, the city was suffering from a drought that former Prime Minister Paul Rudd called “the worst drought in 100 years”.

Thankfully, due to effective policies and programs on water conservation, Melbourne was able to reduce water demand by almost 50 percent per capita. The city survived the drought and became smarter about water usage.

Currently, Melbourne’s water conservation strategy requires residents to consume less than 31 liters per day per person. This desire to help conserve water is one of the reasons Melbourne homeowners are turning to artificial grass.

Real grass needs to be watered daily — especially during those hot summer days — otherwise, there’s a considerable risk of the grass turning yellow or drying. With artificial grass, the need to water lawns is eliminated.

Of course, using artificial grass doesn’t just save water; it also reduces your water bill. The amount of money used to maintain real grass might not seem like a lot on the monthly bill, but all that adds up if it goes on for years.

Getting artificial grass might cost a little more initially, but the money you save (and the water you conserve) over the years more than makes up for it. Artificial Grass Land offers quotation services for your lawn (not to mention the best artificial grass Melbourne has seen).

  1. Artificial Grass Lets Homeowners Use Their Time More Wisely

Ever spent the summers of your youth mowing the lawn instead of enjoying your limited school-free days? Or perhaps you’ve woken up annoyed neighbors with your loud, early morning mowing?

With a low-maintenance lawn, the time you used to spend mowing the grass can now be spent reading a book, walking the dog, playing with the kids, or simply sleeping in or relaxing. Since artificial lawns don’t need mowing, that also means that both parents and teens can permanently cross out this chore. You can also say goodbye to spending money on lawn mowers forever.

  1. No More Muddy Footprints (and Pawprints)

What do freshly rained-on grass and a lawn next to a swimming pool have in common? Mud. And with mud comes footprints and pawprints on your porch.

When you choose artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about mud getting in your pool, on your living room floor, or even on your clothes when your dog greets you after running around on the lawn. Since there’s no soil involved, there’s no mud involved, as well.

And, speaking of dogs, artificial grass is perfect if you don’t want your pets digging around. Because it’s not real soil, there’s no way your dogs will end up creating multiple holes on your lawn. In case you’re wondering, artificial grass is also easy to clean after a pet goes potty. Simply sweep away any solids, rinse the artificial grass with water, and spray a disinfectant on the area.

Using synthetic grass not only creates a more beautiful lawn; it also saves the environment, gives you more time for yourself, and even gives your kids and pets an excellent play place. Get the best artificial grass Melbourne has to offer today.

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