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Beautiful Restorations: A Step-By-Step Guide to Restoring Wooden Furniture

You’re driving home from work one day and you see a beautiful antique dresser sitting out by someone’s curb. You want to rescue it from the dump, but you don’t have much experience with woodworking.

Never fear, restoring wooden furniture is a skillset you can easily pick up. It just takes a little time, dedication, and the right tools. Read on to learn how to get started.

Beautiful Restorations: A Step-By-Step Guide to Restoring Wooden Furniture
Beautiful Restorations: A Step-By-Step Guide to Restoring Wooden Furniture

A Step-By-Step Guide to Restoring Wooden Furniture

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  1. Survey the Damage

Before you buy any supplies, you need to first decide what you will need by surveying the damage of the wooden furniture you found.

Are there any deep scratches in it? Does it have watermarks on it? Has there been any damage from stains or oils? How is the existing finish?

Also, ask yourself about the integrity of the furniture. Are the legs stable? Are other attached pieces secure? Is the furniture level? Has any of it been warped?

  1. Gather Your Supplies

Once you know what kind of repairs you will need to perform, you can check out some of the most popular woodworking supplies here.

At the basics, you will need something to sand with, a new stain or finish, some woodworking oil, and cloth to use for staining and oiling your wood.

  1. Start by Sanding

Whenever you refinish something wood, you can expect to do your fair share of sanding. Make sure you wear goggles and a mask to keep the dust out of your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Be prepared for the sanding process to take a long time. Also, wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty because dust is going to fly everywhere.

  1. Perform Woodworking Repairs

Before you can put a new coating of varnish or stain on your wood, you need to repair everything that is loose and glue everything into place.

Otherwise, you might have glue and nails visible in your final product. Since you are working with an existing piece of furniture, try to restore the item in the original way it was fastened.

  1. Add Your Own Wood Carvings

If you really want a unique piece of furniture, you should add your own flair to the design with the best wood carving tools set.

If you come up with a really creative design, you’ll feel like you’re working in Santa’s workshop.

  1. Sand and Finish Restoring Wooden Furniture

Once you have everything reattached and you have put a new fun design spin on the furniture, it’s time for a final sanding and finishing process.

Choose a nice varnish or stain that will compliment the other items in your home. Be prepared to put on multiple coats.

More Helpful Design Advice

Now that you’ve read these tips on restoring wooden furniture, you’re ready to take on your first project. Just make sure you take your time and do a thorough job. Restoration work requires a lot of patience.

When you’re finished, it’s time to take on another project. Check out our other articles for more advice on home improvement.

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