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How to Select Commercial Furniture for Your Business

If you are starting a new restaurant, there are several considerations to make, including selecting the best site, developing a menu, developing recipes, hiring a crew, promoting, and more.

It may seem like a small detail, but choosing restaurant tables and chairs to welcome your customers is an important decision. Nevertheless, it is of critical significance!

Making the proper selection of tables and chairs for a restaurant is not an easy undertaking! Many factors must be considered, including the pricing and style as well as functionality and space.

Here are some expert recommendations to assist you in selecting the appropriate furnishings for your company.

image - How to Select Commercial Furniture for Your Business
How to Select Commercial Furniture for Your Business

The area Covered by Your Restaurant

Smaller restaurants may find that compact booths are a better alternative than huge tables and chairs for seating.

In order to optimize the number of tables and chairs in the restaurant while maintaining a smooth flow of foot traffic between the kitchen and dining area, you should consider the following: Before you start shopping for furniture, make sure you know how much area you have available to dedicate to genuine restaurant seating. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate seating and table arrangements.

You should remember that guests typically do not appreciate being packed into a restaurant like sardines in a can, and this should be taken into consideration.

Avoid the temptation to cram as many seats as you possibly can into your given area, especially if it is constrained in size.

Although it appears to allow you to offer more meals, this may not be to your benefit, particularly if you are just starting out and have not yet established a reputation for yourself.

if everyone in town knows that you unquestionably provide the greatest slow-roasted beef, diners are more willing to put up with a little extra hassle in order to eat your food.

Consider Your Restaurant’s Theme

Think about the sort of “feeling” you want to elicit while shopping for restaurant furniture when you’re in the market for it.

You will be able to select furniture alternatives that best match the mood and experience that you are attempting to create once the ideal theme has been chosen.

Think about the images and emotions that spring to mind when you think of the following styles, for example.

A modern fast-food restaurant that is casual and comfortable. Fine dining in a rustic industrial setting.

Your visions of each style are likely to be extremely distinct from one another, depending on your own preferences.

There is an unlimited number of combinations to select from, ranging from smooth and classy to contemporary and entertaining!

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Restaurant Tables and Chairs

When attempting to decide what type of seating you will require in your restaurant, you will first need to have a general concept of the layout of the space.

What type of tables and chairs will you be serving at? Is it at bistro tables or at regular tables, at booths, or at regular chairs? In order to accommodate these requirements, several seat types in a range of materials must be provided for each kind of sitting.

Commercial bar chairs are available in a number of finishes to match the décor of your restaurant or bar.

Metal and hardwood frames are available for commercial bar stools. The seat can be stationary or swivel, and it can have simply a bottom or aback.

The seat can also be stationary or swivel, depending on the configuration. The majority of bar stools feature vinyl, metal, or wooden seats, all of which are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.

Some less-common alternatives, like wicker and mesh chairs, can work well with certain types of décor, but they are more difficult to keep clean.

To help you create a distinctive appearance for your dining area or bar, seat and base options for bar stools are now available separately from the stools themselves.

The tall pub and bar tables that are available may be employed at bar counter areas, as well as with these stools.

Typically, restaurant chains have metal or wooden frames with vinyl, wooden, or plastic seats that are simple to wipe off and clean.

Consider using stackable chairs in high-traffic restaurants so that they may be conveniently kept out of the way when they’re not in use.

You can use them in combination with booths at one side of the tables to allow extra flexibility for your guests.

Restaurant booths and benches are popular seating alternatives in places when space is at a premium.

As a rule, these chairs are upholstered, which means they are available in a variety of colors and may frequently be personalized with a fabric of your choosing.

A typical material for booth seats and backs is vinyl, which is popular owing to its ease of cleaning.

Seating booths and benches can be arranged in a row along a wall, or a line of seats running lengthwise along a wall with tables and chairs arranged in front of them can be used as an alternative.

If your restaurant provides booster seats and high chairs, it will become a more friendly environment for families with little children.

Wooden booster seats are only available in one height, whereas plastic models are available in either a single or dual height.

Some booster seats are equipped with straps that attach the booster to the chair or that aid in the securement of the kid into the booster seat.

High chairs are typically composed of wood or plastic, and most are equipped with straps to assist keep youngsters safe while sitting in them.

Some high chairs are equipped with casters to allow for simple transportation, and many are stackable to save room in the storage area.

Tables in a Restaurant

Restaurant tables are available in a variety of configurations, including whole sets and individual bases and tops.

The option of purchasing the components individually offers you the option of changing either if one of them becomes broken without having to purchase an entirely new table set.

Tabletops are offered in a number of forms and sizes, including round, square, and rectangular, and are produced from a large selection of materials, including wood, laminate, and granite.

There are pedestal types with disk, square, and T-shaped bases available, which are both long-lasting and simple to clean around the perimeter of the table.

Bistro tables, bigger dining tables, and tall bar tables are examples of tables that are sold as pre-configured combinations of tops and base materials.

Melamine, wood, and glass are common materials for the tops of these tables, while some bar tables are entirely composed of aluminum for a more modern look.

Folding tables that are simple to store are also available for restaurants that may only require additional seating on occasion, such as banquet halls.

While the tops of these tables are often made of melamine or injection-molded plastic, they are typically constructed of aluminum or steel for their legs and frames.

Commercial Patio Furniture

To be able to endure the elements, any furniture that will be used outside must be very durable and weather-resistant.

Various types of outdoor tables are available with a variety of materials as surfaces, including laminate, metal, stone, and wood.

Some metal tables have a mesh top, which can be more difficult to clean but enables water and spilled liquids to drain through quickly.

Some tables are designed with holes in the middle to accommodate the insertion of a patio umbrella, which may significantly improve the comfort of your visitors on hot summer afternoons.

Outdoor benches are provided to provide guests with a place to sit while they wait for their tables to be ready.

The benches can be made of metal or hardwood slats, or metal mesh, depending on the environment.

Some include cushioning as well as the back, and extra padding is offered for additional comfort.

Furniture for outdoor dining areas is available in a variety of materials, including metal, wicker, plastic, and wood.

Folding and stacking chairs are also available, which are particularly useful for restaurants that need to store outside furniture during the off-season.

As with the chairs, bar stools can be ordered with or without backs and with the use of the same materials.

Specialty Furniture

In addition to seats and tables, commercial restaurant furniture is available in a variety of styles and materials to facilitate restaurant operations and storage.

Listed below are some furniture alternatives that you might wish to take into consideration.

Commercial coat racks are available in a variety of configurations, including rolling across the floor and wall mounting.

Additionally, reusable and disposable coat check tickets are provided to help you keep track of everyone’s gear and keep your facility running smoothly.

It is possible to purchase tray stands to make serving big groups of people simpler.

These might be lightweight models that fold up for simple transport and storage, or they can be models that stand on casters for easy transport.

Desks, coffee tables, seats, bookshelves, and mobile carts are all examples of commercial office furniture that may be used to decorate offices and waiting areas.

In addition to a surface for writing and shelves for holding menus and silverware, hostess stands can be either stationary or on wheels, depending on the situation. Some versions include drawers for holding smaller objects, which are very useful.


Keeping these considerations in mind will undoubtedly aid you in your quest to locate the ideal furniture for your company’s requirements.

By taking these elements into consideration, your consumer will be able to distinguish between a well-planned interior and a space that was created without a thorough knowledge of their requirements.

Your business will benefit greatly if you put forth your whole and total commitment to your endeavor.