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Forget Asbestos Abatement: Welcome Safe Stretch Fabric Ceilings Home

Many American homeowners are guilty of putting up with with the grungy, but rather outdated popcorn ceilings. Homes built between the 1950s and 1980s in New Jersey have textured ceilings like these. Not all popcorn ceilings demand immediate care or removal, but most of them are extremely difficult to clean.

Repainting them is a challenge as well since it is difficult to spread the paint evenly over and between the tiny bumps.

Fabric Ceilings - Forget Asbestos Abatement
Fabric Ceilings

If their unsightly texture isn’t reason enough for you to remove them, you should consider the possibility of the presence of asbestos. That’s right! Many old popcorn ceilings did contain considerable amounts of asbestos.

That means, if you are planning a ceiling renovation or even if you are planning to color them on your own, you should get an expert opinion before beginning your project.

Forget Asbestos Abatement: Welcome Safe Stretch Fabric Ceilings Home

Any popcorn ceiling predating the 1980s likely contains asbestos. The inspection and removal of this ceiling type typically require the intervention of expert deconstruction and asbestos removal companies.

In short, renovating your old raggedy ceiling can easily become more expensive than you had budgeted for. That brings us to the most obvious question “Why should you think about removing popcorn textured ceilings when you can encapsulate them safely?” 

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Why Should You Stop Worrying about Asbestos Removal?

The advent of stretch fabric ceilings has enabled homeowners to sleep soundly in their old homes once again, without worrying about their asbestos problems.  And how much more exciting could it be to wake up to their favorite piece of art staring right back at them from their ceilings.

Do you want to fall asleep while counting stars under a partially cloudy sky? Do you want your bedroom to become an homage to Michael Angelo or Vincent Van Gogh? Or do you fancy Monet’s “en plein air” touch on your fancy ceilings? You can have it all with state-of-the-art, printed, stretch fabric ceilings in your home.

These stretch fabric ceiling system is continuous and monolithic in and does not have visible seams up to 16’ft wide. People typically choose fabric ceilings when they are looking for a more natural and traditional matte finish. The high-gloss PVC ceilings are a perfect choice for the ultra-modern interiors.

You can choose from matte and glossy variants depending on the ambient lighting and your personal preference. Visit the Popcorn Ceiling Solution website to learn more about the exciting choices you can make while renovating your ceiling.

Why do Many Homeowners Choose Stretch Fabric Ceilings?

Stretch fabric ceilings are typically air-tight and create a safe barrier between the homeowners and their unsightly popcorn ceilings. Fabric ceilings are hydrophobic and mildew – resistant and are much stronger than the older PVC stretch ceilings.

Product research proves that these fabric ceilings are almost impossible to break. All combined, this gives them the ability to retain their original hues and texture for a long time. Considering their pocket-friendly prices and longevity, these fabric stretch ceilings are quite the investment for every house owner, old and new.

In fact, restaurants, casinos, hotels, places of worship, offices, spas, saunas, and schools are opting for stretch fabric ceilings due to their high endurance and incredible variety.

How Will They Cut Down Maintenance Effort and Cost?

Stretch fabric ceilings are easy to clean. You can remove dust or dirt buildup easily with microfiber dusters, or you can vacuum it as long as you have the correct safety attachments. Since the designers print the design or texture on the material digitally, you don’t need to worry about fading or chipping colors during your daily cleaning.

UV-cured printing is very durable and doesn’t require special cleaning services as popcorn ceilings do. While cleaning the fabric ceiling, the popcorn ceiling remains intact inside, and you do not have the risk of asbestos exposure at all.

Moreover, most reputed stretch fabric ceiling manufacturers provide extended warranties on their products. That speaks strongly about the quality and longevity you can expect from the fabric ceilings.

Are the Fabric Ceilings Environmentally Friendly?

If you were wondering about ways to make your home more environmentally friendly than it already is, then this is your chance. These fabrics are completely reusable and recyclable. They are made of entirely safe materials, and they do not emit harmful components into the environment.

As a result, children’s hospitals and kindergartens are partial to these colorful and vibrant ceiling options. The manufacturing process does not emit toxic chemicals either, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ceiling solutions of our time. However, most importantly, these stretch fabric ceilings are fire-resistant.

Standard fire safety tests recommend modern fire-resistant fabric stretch ceiling material for homes with or without asbestos problems.

What Are the Different Varieties of Stretch Fabric Ceilings?

With the option of choosing from an endless variety of colors and prints, there is also the option of customizing the designs according to the existing theme of your bedroom, living room or study. It is easy to give life to your imagination with the latest printing techniques these stretch ceiling covers use.

While you can work with designers or contractors to install the new covers, it is completely fine to DIY your ceiling for your Vlog or Instagram followers. These fabric stretch ceilings give you Pinterest-worthy results in minutes.

Apart from the distinct economic advantages, these stretch fabric ceilings come with multiple finishes. Right now, the five most popular finishes are – the traditional matte white, the modern and light-reflective high-gloss white, custom-designed and printed, backlit, and star.

The last one refers to a glittery finish that teenagers and young adults especially love. To get the classic stark-white and smooth look, designers recommend going for the standard white matte material. It provides a classy home with the quintessential flat ceiling that completes its chic look.

Some eclectic homes go with translucent fabric ceilings that go well with internal LED lighting. You can pick your favorite graphic design on the translucent material to couple it with backlight options.

The stretch fabric ceilings are every homeowner’s favorite, especially while dealing with unsightly and unhealthy popcorn ceilings. Apart from giving your ceiling a neat and smooth finish, they keep you away from the harmful asbestos that might be hiding within your current ceiling.

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