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Tips to Use the Roman Blinds for Innovative Home Designs!

Blinds and curtains look beautiful on the windows, but you need to understand that these can be used innovatively to enhance the home décor. Roman blinds are one of the different kinds of blinds that are available at the stores. These can be used in various ways to incorporate into your home décor. All you need to do is take into account a few factors.

Tips to Use the Roman Blinds for Innovative Home Designs!
Tips to Use the Roman Blinds for Innovative Home Designs

Tips to Use the Roman Blinds for Innovative Home Designs

Stores like P. H. Blinds & Curtains offer a wide range of blinds along with the Roman blinds. You need top quality blinds to make sure that you have a beautiful home décor, one that can win you appreciation. Incorporate the Roman blinds (also known as Roman shades) effectively, and show the world your interior décor flair!

Tips to Utilize the Blinds in Your Home Décor Effectively

You know the utility of a window blind! If not, you could always have a look through Wikipedia. Now, coming to the décor part, there are many kinds of blinds. Today we will talk about the Roman Blinds. These blinds may seem mundane to you, but if you utilize them properly, then it can uplift the look and feel of the whole room. Here are some aspects that will help you incorporate it effectively into the décor.

  • Where Can You Use the Roman Blinds?

You need to first start with the rooms that you want to consider for interior décor with the Roman blinds. The best part of using these kinds of blinds is the fact that these blinds are quite versatile, which makes them easy to use in each and every room. Just remember that these can look better than other kinds of blinds and fit the frame of the windows better.

  • Can You Use the Roman Blinds in Bathrooms & Kitchens?

Having said that these blinds can be used in all rooms, one thing that needs to be considered is the fact that the Roman blinds are usually made of fabric. This fact makes it a less popular option for bathroom and kitchens. Do you want grease soiled blinds? That is what you will get if you install them in the kitchen.

In the bathroom, the blinds will capture moisture easily, causing the growth of fungus/ mould/ mildew. This kind of blind cannot work in bathroom and kitchen. You could use roller blinds in the kitchen and bathroom, instead of the Roman blinds.

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  • What Kind of Fabrics and Lining Should You Choose for Your Roman Blinds?

Blinds are installed to block out the sun rays, so it is obvious that the colour of the blind’s backing will fade out! It can ruin the curb appeal of your home, as it starts to look faded and patchy from outside. You can use lightweight and medium weight fabrics like cotton, linen and taffeta for blinds for crisp and sharp folds.

The heavyweight fabrics can help create professional pleats and folds. These can even offer good insulation. Blackout linings work better because they reduce the rate of fading and improve the insulation power of the blinds.

  • Which Styles Can Be Used for Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are known to improve the look of your room. There are various styles that can be used for your home! The different styles that can be used for your Roman blinds include:

  1. Flat: Here a single piece of continuous fabric can be seen, without any dowels.
  2. Classic: In this style, there are dowels that can create neatly folded and pleated look.
  3. European Look: Add a soft look to the room with this style. The natural flow of the fabric is the secret to the soft look of an otherwise stiff blind.
  • What Tricks Can You Use to Integrate the Roman Blinds Successfully Into the Interior Décor?

  1. Add some contrasting colour to the fabric of the blinds. This is perhaps the oldest trick in the interior décor handbook. Do not just use a single colour on the blinds. A light or medium weight fabric can be used as the predominant colour. Satin or velvet ribbons can be used to border the blinds.
  2. You could always choose fabrics with large patterns and freehand designs. Use this to break away from a monotonous look of the room.
  3. A pop of colour could always be an intelligent way to change the look of the room. You could even choose a fabric that has Indian prints and patterns on a bright coloured fabric.
  4. Natural light is a refreshing addition to the rooms. So, you could get rid of the backing! It is a good idea to go against the rules sometimes. This idea can be used for rooms that do not face the sun or the sun rays do not fall directly on the window.
  5. You could also use double drapes. Combine the Roman blinds with sliding curtains. Suppose you are in a room that faces the sun rays directly, you could use this technique to block out the excess sunlight. This is an intelligent idea to enhance the look of the room and also find protection from the sun rays.
  6. Striped fabric can accentuate the whole room. This can lend the room a look of being bigger and longer! So, the design of the blind using this kind of fabric flatters the room.
  7. Add a contemporary look to your rooms with the blinds. How about adding a blind that creates a box frame around the windows? This can be achieved by combining a fabric with borders and a box pelmet above the window. It will also prevent the folded blinds from gathering dust and dirt.

These are just some simple ideas of using the roman blinds. Use your innovative brain to enhance the look of the rooms. If you are confused, then talk to the experts at the stores that are offering the blinds. Or, go ahead and talk to an interior designer. But, remember that most designers have similar ideas. Use your own ideas to create a unique interior décor! After all, your home should exude your personality, aesthetics and taste. Roman blinds are quite sophisticated; adding these to your interior décor in a smart way can decorate the windows and make them look beautiful.

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