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The Biggest Roman Shade Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Roman shades have a long history and so never think that they’re old fashioned and not trendy. Window experts have always kept roman shades on the top, they look and feel so classic and timeless.

Every year trends keep coming and going and still, roman shades command attention. They have also seen a change in how they look and feel today.

image - The Biggest Roman Shade Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
The Biggest Roman Shade Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Roman Shades can be dressed up or down to suit any décor style. They can be customized as per size, style to suit everyone’s taste.

If you’re thinking of ordering, installing roman shades in your homes, keep reading. This post will answer your questions and concerns.

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What Are Roman Shades?

The Roman shade is a popular window covering that features crisp folds when the shade is raised. Cellular shades make a pleated effect.

However, there are a lot of styles in which your roman shades can fold. When you order, you can ask for the different folds and choose accordingly.

Standard Flat Fold

As the name says, when you lower them they appear flat and offer a simple look. When raised, they fold up neatly upwards. They complement floor-length curtains and offer excellent light filtering and privacy.

Plain Fold

This type of fold gives a dimension to your window covering making them noticed and pronounced. The fold is visible even when the shade is completely lowered.

Soft Fold

As the name goes, you notice softer rounder folds giving the shade a voluminous look.

Why You Should Choose Roman Shades?

Roman Shades look luxurious and Stylish

There are many options in the fabric – sheer, textured, patterned, blackout; it is tough to choose them and they all look great. As said, they have a long history; they are never going to be out of style.


It is not just fabric that you have options to choose, you get options ion folds and drape styles. You can ask for top-down or bottom-up roman shades. This gives you greater control over light and privacy.

Are Roman Shades Trendy?

Roman shades are an important interior design element since ages maybe since Roman times. History says that Roman shades had humble beginnings.

Earlier, these shades were built to be horizontal, now they’re designed vertically. Folds of fabric used to be there but it extended outward. This is the very reason they are called a timeless window covering.

How to Choose the Right Material for Roman Shades?

There are endless options in the fabric so an obvious question is what and how you should choose. Here are some points to consider:

  • How much light do you need to block?
  • How much use your shades will see – Frequent or occasional?
  • Where you are going to put your shades – home or office?

Are Roman Shades a Right Choice for You?

Roman shades are a versatile window covering undoubtedly. But that doesn’t mean that you can hang them anywhere in your home.

You should consider roman shades if:

  • If you want to decorate your space in styles – contemporary, retro, traditional, modern, rustic. You have roman shade for every style
  • You want a luxurious but simple effortless look.

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