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The Biggest Trends in Window Shades We’ve Seen This Year

If you are looking to transform your space quickly but in style, window coverings are a way to go! We are bringing to you the trends and technology in the window covering industry for the year 2020.

image - The Biggest Trends in Window Shades We've Seen This Year
The Biggest Trends in Window Shades We’ve Seen This Year

Fabrics, colors, technology, child safety, we’re going to discuss all this in this post helping you make an informed buying decision and do up your space.

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No place for beige or grey tones this year, colors make their way to your living room and every other space this year. Neutral drapes with a tinge of color on the edges or patterned ones will continue to be in the trend.

When you want to let the air and light come in with no need for light control, sheer shades are the best bet. If you have a small space, sheer shades will not overwhelm the space with their look and feel rather make the space look breezy and cool.

Color trends

Coastal inspired colors to make their way in 2020. Florida homeowners are going to love this trend. You can create the perfect beach inside your home with coastal-inspired color palettes.

Even the Pantone color of the year 2020 is Classic blue. So blue will be in the focus for this year.


We are living in 2020 and we should expect smart technology making entry into window coverings also.

Motorized systems or cordless lift systems have already been there in 2019 and this year this trend will continue. The systems are improvised with now you have voice activation technology.

Integrating the window coverings with Alexa and other voice assistants is going to be so much fun and exciting. This trend is not going to go anytime soon.

Customers already love the convenience of opening and closing the shades with a touch of a button or app and now from their voice.

Then there is a cordless lift system that eliminates the threat posed by dangling cords. All this makes your home kids and pets safe and even more energy-efficient.

Eco-friendly Products

The world is going green. Across industries, we are witnessing a paradigm shift towards eco-friendly products.

The manufacturers of window treatments have also imbibed this trend and bringing products like rattan shades, bamboo shades and cotton fabrics all are sustainable.

Child and Pet Safety

The window treatment industry is focusing on child and pet safety as there have been many reports of death due to strangulation.

There have been many regulations framed by The US govt. and manufacturers are abiding by and making products that children and pets safe.

Cordless window treatments will continue to be a top trend in 2020 for homeowners. They can choose from cellular window shades, roman shades, vinyl shutters, gliding window panels and make their loved ones’ life safe and comfortable.

No matter what window treatment you choose, it is important to think about how they can suit the needs and goals of every room. Think of the factors like light and privacy control, insulation before choosing the fabric or material.