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Stylish Ideas for Your Roller Shades

We all love an unobstructed outside view from the inside, and this has been every homeowner’s dream also. Roller shades are a perfect window treatment to achieve this view.

Their minimalistic look and modern design seamlessly blend into the architecture. They are an easy and smart way to upgrade the home’s decor.

image - Stylish Ideas for Your Roller Shades
Stylish Ideas for Your Roller Shades

Window coverings are no more considered a utilitarian product rather so much planning goes into what and location of the window coverings like style, texture, pattern, or colors.

Roller shades have undergone a complete revamp and there are so many options available today that they almost give a tough competition to the drapery while selecting.

Roller shades blend into any and every room, their minimalistic nature, and effortless style makes them a perfect candidate for window coverings.

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How About an All White Roller Shades?

Yes, you heard right. There is no competition to white but why does it have to be plain white.

Today, the fabrics come in the tone-on-tone pattern, textured that add a little detail and interest to the room. Cheer up a sad soul or make your day with our extensive collection.

However, if you want to keep it all white, you can choose a valance with little detailing.

Create a soft look choose a fabric valance, this will enhance the look of the room while keeping the minimal look. For a true minimalist, no valance at all also works perfectly fine.

A Splash of Color in Children’s Nursery

Children are so full of life and happiness; a colored shade will add to the playful mode along with adding a safety layer.

And when you want to keep it subtle and allow the outside to come in just tuck them away with a gentle pull. You can get motorized or cordless roller shades and further add to comfort and convenience.

Woven wood shades are another way to welcome the earthy and nature element indoors. The look and feel are perfect for beach homes in Florida.

They are a beautiful way to bring outside in. if you have a bedroom where you want to create a relaxing oasis, paint it all white and layer it with roller shades in natural textures and finish the look.

Perfect Buddy to Drapery

Undoubtedly they look great as a standalone window covering and stylish also but when you pair them up with drapery, you get the best of worlds at one go.

There are endless fabric options in both the window coverings that you can create any look you desire. Pair an all-white or solid color roller shade with a decorative drapery and see how form and functionality come in instantly.

Sheer roller shades don’t achieve much to offer privacy. But when combined with drapery, they can filter light coming in. the reverse can also be worked out. A sheer drapery with a blackout roller shade, when done carefully can add character and wow factor.

So, roller shades can be really versatile window covering. You could mix n match, create contrast, use them as standalone or pair them with drapery, there are endless options.

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