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Solar Shades: Do You Really Need Them? This Will Help You Decide!

You have a home that gives you a stunning view of the outside. But for Florida homeowners, it can be too much during the day disrupting your normal routine.

It’s almost blinding. You can’t watch T.V., there is a constant glare on the computer screen. Too much light also poses a threat to your furniture and furnishing.

image - Solar Shades: Do You Really Need Them? This Will Help You Decide!
Solar Shades: Do You Really Need Them? This Will Help You Decide!

Solar Shades – block the sun and not the view. However, there are many more questions pouring in regularly from the homeowners regarding the usability of these Shades.

So, here in this post, we’ve gathered up those questions and attempted to answer to help you make an informed choice whether Solar Shades are right for you.

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What are Solar Shades?

Solar Shades are just like the roller shades, the only difference is instead of fabrics, PVC or HDPE material is used. There are holes that allow the light to come in but diffused.

You can see- through the solar shades. It depends on the openness percentage.

The smaller the percentage, the less you would be able to see through. And, when it is night and you have lights on in the room, people outside will be able to see in.

So, if you are looking for complete privacy, consider buying blackout roller shades.

Do Solar Shades Keep Out Heat and Cold?

Solar shades can reduce the heat by blocking the sunlight coming in. This can save you hugely during the summer months making your windows energy efficient.

However, as there are holes in the fabric, it can’t provide insulation against cold. Cellular Shades are a good choice in this regard.

Do solar Shades Prevent Furniture from Fading?

UV rays are harsh and so can impact the fabric and the furnishing with the prolonged exposure. The fabric threads can loosen their color and may fade.

Solar shades can protect your floor, furnishing, and furniture from harmful UV rays.

Can Solar Shades be Installed on Doors?

They are a great adornment for your doors also. You just need to install a hold-down bracket at the bottom to stop the shade from blowing or swinging. These brackets are usually of plastic or metal.

Solar sliding panels are a better option if you have sliding glass doors. These panels move side to side just like the door.

Can Solar Shades be Ceiling Mounted?

Yes, most of the solar shades are installed ceiling mount only. However, it is important that you seek professional installation. Inform your service provider where you want to mount the shade.

Wood screws you automatically get but if you are installing on any other surface, check with your service provider.

How to Clean Solar Shades?

A brush attachment to your vacuum hose is just what you need to clean the solar shades. If you see dust and grime, you can make a soap solution with your dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water.

Do not take them out and put them under running water. This might damage the working mechanism of the shades and even cancel any warranties.