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6 Types of Roman Shades that Instantly Brighten & Update Every Room’s Style

If you look at your home design and feel it’s long overdue for a redesign it’s time to try some new, simple changes that will brighten it instantly.

Yes, you could rearrange the furniture, add a plant here and there, but one of the easiest things you can do that has a major impact is to get the right Roman Shades for every room. They’re incredibly easy to install and can dress up a window in a heartbeat!

image - 6 Types of Roman Shades that Instantly Brighten & Update Every Room’s Style
6 Types of Roman Shades that Instantly Brighten & Update Every Room’s Style

To discover what type of roman shades fit every room, we asked Loganova Shades, a custom window treatment company that designs their products in NY and handcrafts them in Toronto – what are the best styles to pick in each room, considering style and practicality.

Without further ado, these are the best types of window treatments to instantly decorate every room in your house:

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  1. Kitchen: Bold Pattern Shades

When dressing up your kitchen windows, a bold pattern shade works best. That’s because most kitchens are designed in solid color palettes and that’s a look that can get outdated fast – so a bold pattern manages to break it up and create a new point of interest.

The style should team-up with functionality when opting for a kitchen shade: choose a light, but a long-lasting fabric that’s not too heavy and that can take high temperatures and moisture well.

“Besides the stylish touch, which enhances the overall kitchen appearance, kitchen shades should be incredibly easy to clean and resistant to splashes – these are the features you want to look for in any kitchen window treatment,” adds Loganova Shades.

This “Royal meets Rorschach Roman Shade isn’t your usual off the rack pattern that you can find in any store and will give your kitchen a modern twist.

image - Bold Pattern Shades
Bold Pattern Shades
  1. Living Room: Neutral Contemporary Shades

The living room is where you’ll get to do a lot of your daily activities, from TV watching to reading, dining, and even some late-night working.

Sometimes this place can get cluttered, so a great shade color choice to dress your windows with is a neutral palette that won’t compete with the rest of your furniture. However, suggesting a neutral color doesn’t mean you’re adding more beige to your walls. Opt for a geometric pattern shade, which will offer the needed design element.

“This custom Roman Shades in a grey-brown palette creates a modern, stylish feel to a living room. The neutral color and soothing design perfectly complements the room and helps provide a relaxing environment,” adds Loganova Shades.

image - Neutral Contemporary Shades
Neutral Contemporary Shades
  1. Bathroom: Blackout Shades

When picking a window treatment for a bathroom, there are two aspects to consider: heat and humidity. On top of that, you’ll also want to get the needed privacy a bathroom should benefit from – and nothing beats the privacy of a Blackout bathroom window treatment.

Blackout shades come in different shades and patterns, but what is important is to balance style with practicality.

Don’t shy away from this edgy Roman Shade, and choose the option that comes together with a water-resistant and moisture protection features for great practicality, on top of the modern and stylish patterns.

image - Blackout Shades
Blackout Shades
  1. Bedroom: Semi-Sheer Shades for Soft Light Filtering

The bedroom is your sanctuary for sleep and disconnecting from the outside world. If you want to preserve a soft, diffuse light coming in through your windows but still need some privacy, a semi-sheer type of shade is what you need to consider for this space.

“With soft light filtering features, the bedroom will benefit from the perfect amount of light the semi-sheer shades let in, so you can end your day in the most relaxing manner,” adds Loganova Shades.

Sticking with the contemporary note, this white and black flat Roman Shade adds a relaxed, clean look to any bedroom, while its high-quality texture complements any décor of choice.

image - Semi-Sheer Shades
Semi-Sheer Shades
  1. Home Office: Flat Shades that Insulate Against Noise

Your home office is where you get to focus and make everything happen. That’s why before thinking of style, you need to think about the sound insulation feature that can come with custom Roman Shades.

“The sound insulation feature is a must when dressing any street-facing windows or any rooms where important work happens,” adds Loganova Shades.

When it comes to style, choose minimalist and modern designs that won’t distract you from your work – so no patterns here. For example, this perfect white and grey Roman Shade will transform your office space and give it that sharp, clean and professional look that reflects your work. Perfect fit for a remote day at home!

image - Flat Shades
Flat Shades
  1. Kids’ Room: Motorized Color Coordinated Shades

From decorating a nursery room to a kids’ playroom, use Roman Shades in colors that coordinate with the rest of the room. Loganova Shades’ advice is to “not go for childish-looking patterns as they will start to look outdated very quickly. You’ll want to invest in something that will work when they grow up and want new decorating schemes.”

On the practical side, a black outlining will prove essential for light control and helping parents to put kids to sleep early in the day. The black outlining (which is a secondary fabric sewn to the back of the fabric) also insulates against noise, so it keeps away anything that might disturb the kids’ sleep.

Loganova recommends a motorized version of Roman Shades for the kids’ room, so you can raise or lower them and avoid kids playing with dangling chords.

image - Motorized Color Coordinated Shades
Motorized Color Coordinated Shades

Wrapping up: Which Style Will You Choose?

Choosing the right window treatments while staying true to your style story will make the whole redecorating process less instinctive and more intentional for every room.

For more choices of window treatments that will fit any shape or style of your noisy urban flat or house windows, check out Loganova’s custom window treatments service and collection!

All photos are part of the Loganova Shades roman shades collection.

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