Honeycomb blinds or cellular shades as they are popularly known as are a hot favorite among the Orlando homeowners.

There are many obvious reasons for them to be a favorite. But there are certain points that you must be aware of before actually purchasing them for your space.

image - Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your Cellular Shades

Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are made by combining multiple layers of fabrics and pleating them together forming a cell structure like a honeycomb.

This is why they get the name honeycomb shades. They come in different cell sizes, one, two, or three cells or pockets in every layer. The higher number of cells, the greater will be the insulating value.

But this affects the cost of the cellular shades and also adds to the weight. Let us first begin with the good things-

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Excellent Insulator | Minimalistic Profile | Better Privacy | Noise Cancellation

Excellent Insulator

You can keep your Florida homes cool in summer with cellular shades and keep out the cold in winter months. The fabric cells can trap the air and act as a great insulator.

In summer months, they play the role of trapping the cool air inside, and in winters they conserve the heat within the room.

So, you can enhance the room insulation and achieve greater energy efficiency while keeping your energy bills low.

Minimalistic Profile

They stick to the window and do not require a lot of depth. The fabric raises and stacks at the top effortlessly and create a clean look to enjoy an unobstructed outside view.

Better Privacy

Insulation as we already discussed, cellular shades are great in that, they are also helpful in achieving greater privacy.

They are able to block out more light due to their construction. To add another level of privacy you can choose double cell option with blackout fabric

 Noise Cancellation

While not complete, cellular shades will help you keep the outside noise from coming in. Their multiple cell structure constructions achieve this and you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing environment in your space.


Difficulty in cleaning | lesser light control | Not very cheap

Difficulty in cleaning

Cleaning cellular shades can be of concern if you struggle to find the time. They require deep cleaning.

Every cell needs to be cleaned and you need to take care that you do not damage or break any cell. You will need to seek professional cleaning services and that adds to the maintenance costs.

Lesser Light Control

If you have bought the single cell cellular shades and want to have complete darkness, you may not succeed unless you install blackout fabric.

With Venetian or vertical blinds it becomes easy to control the light coming in by simply rotating the slats.

Not very Cheap

They are not the most expensive but they also do not come cheap. So, if you do not have the budget to install cellular shades in all the rooms, you can consider installing them in the bedrooms where you want to achieve better insulation.

They are cheaper then roman shades but costlier than the blinds.