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Renovation of Toronto’s Older Homes Takes Skill And Vision

Toronto Renovations Can Be Challenging

Renovations in Toronto can be challenging. Each of Toronto’s neighborhoods has a distinctive look and identity, and many houses are designated as heritage homes. Renovating these older homes has to be done with care – builders must preserve the character of the house while at the same time re-imagining the space for the 21st century family.

If you’re considering renovations to an older home, a good design-build team is indispensable. But what are the strengths and abilities that team should have?

First, an experienced architect helps to hone a vision for the house, then works to make that vision a reality. An architect can sit down with you to assess your use of space, to find out about you, your activities and affinities. Designing a home that reflects the way you live and your personal style is much more effective than choosing a standard floor plan. A good architect will devise a unique design that will result in a home tailored just for you.

Renovation of Toronto’s Older Homes Takes Skill And Vision
The Renovation Team

Renovation Materials

Materials are a huge part of any renovation, so it’s important to choose a builder whose aesthetic aligns with yours. Natural materials, locally sourced, are preferred by many premium homeowners. Hand-hewn Douglas fir, Manitoulin weathered stone, kiln-dried Ontario red maple – these can add warmth and authenticity to any space. Your builder should be able to provide you with a variety of suppliers to choose from.

Another element to consider is light. Many older houses have smaller windows. By allowing lots of natural light into your home and mediating the relationship between the indoor and the outdoor, windows can be a major component of renovation.

An important yet often overlooked consideration during home renovation is green space. What will you see from your windows? How important is your yard to the quality of your daily life? An integrated approach to a redesign of your yard/garden during house renovations can transform your property.

The Renovation Team

Your team should have builders skilled at renovating older houses and who will be familiar with issues common to heritage home renovation. Beautiful fixtures can be damaged or destroyed if your renovator doesn’t recognize their worth. And dealing with older features such as lathe and plaster walls, lead pipes, and tube wiring definitely requires experience.

Your renovation team should also be organized. Renovators need to be able to provide realistic scheduling, to pay close attention to detail, and to be efficient and knowledgeable about obtaining permits and approvals. In tandem with organizational skills, communication skills are crucial. Make sure the team you choose is able to answer your questions in a timely manner, and to keep you informed about any developments or issues that occur. Frequent updates on the progress of renovations can help you fully understand what’s going on. A superior firm can guide you through the renovation process to make it as worry-free as possible.

Another important element is sustainability. A design-build team that has an eye on your home’s environmental footprint is looking out for both ecology and economy. There’s no reason to build rooms that will rarely be used, for example. And by using Eco-friendly fixtures and building materials, your home will be healthier for your family members, as well as more economical for you.

Premium design-build firms in Toronto – your partners for a unique and wonderful home renovation.

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