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Buying Guide to The Best Mattresses in Adelaide

With so many mattress options to select from, purchasing a new one can be overwhelming. This is true if you have neck or back pain – the right or wrong mattress can make the difference between spending the day feeling good or in pain.

image - Buying Guide to The Best Mattresses in Adelaide
Buying Guide to The Best Mattresses in Adelaide

Refer Metia while selecting the best mattresses in Adelaide. It is a matter of personal preference. Some tips to be kept in mind:

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  1. Know About Different Mattress Materials

Before you purchase, familiarise yourself with the most common mattress type and their construction.

  • Innerspring Mattresses Use coils, which provide a traditional bounce feel and strong support.
  • Latex Mattresses Provide more bounce and responsiveness than innerspring mattresses, they tend to sleep cooler.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses are designed to contour to the body, which may lead to pressure relief. The users of memory foam reports that the material sleeps warm.
  • Hybrid Mattresses combined memory foam or latex players atop and innerspring mattresses, with the goal of providing a mix of support and softness.
  • Air Mattresses Use air pumps to inflate the mattress to the desired firmness level. Each side of the bed has a separate chamber of air to accommodate two sleepers with different preferences.

Mattresses are also rated on the base of firmness. A mattress too old or too soft could not support the spine well enough.

  1. See What Your Health Care Provider Thinks

If you have a back or neck problem, talk to the doctor or physical therapist about what he or she recommends.

You should aim for the low back and neck to be in a neutral position when you lie on the mattress. This will promote good spinal alignment.

Doctors are not mattresses experts, but they know your medical history and may have good advice from that point of view.

  1. Visit Stores to Test Out Mattresses

Go to a mattress store and give a lot of time yourself to browse. Just lie down on different mattresses for at least 10 minutes each.

You need not worry about feeling self-conscious because this is an important purchase so you can take your time.

  1. Watch Out for Gimmicks

While sellers label mattresses as medically approved or orthopedic, there is no medical organization that officially certifies mattresses to carry these labels.

Mattresses can have Orthopaedic friendly features but no medical group verifies these claims.

  1. Read Reviews from Real Customers

Pay little attention to what mattress companies say about themselves as they have to market their products in a positive light.

Search for unbiased reviews from people who have purchased the mattresses you are interested in. Read a mix of negative or positive and middle of the road reviews.

  1. Think About Adjustable Beds

If you find you are more comfortable sitting in a recliner than lying down, go for an adjustable bed. This option allows you to raise your head and knees slightly, which relieves lower back pressure.

  1. Check the Warranty

Before you buy, confirm that there is a warranty for the mattress in case it breaks down or is defective. A good mattress will often have a minimum of 10-year full replacement or non-prorated warranty.


A mattress is an important investment that may affect the health of your Spine and the quality of your sleep, so take your own time to find the mattress that is perfect for you.

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