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Can I Get Furniture with Bad Credit? Yes, and Here’s How!

You’ve got a new place. You’ve picked up the keys and rented the moving truck.

But you’ve got a major problem:

You need furniture, but you don’t have the cash to buy upfront.

The good news is that you can get furniture through financing. But if you saw the word “financing” and thought, “But my credit score isn’t high enough for that!” you’re in luck.

image - Can I Get Furniture with Bad Credit Yes, and Here's How!
Can I Get Furniture with Bad Credit Yes, and Here’s How!

We’re about to explain how you can buy furniture with bad credit.

Just keep reading.

Option 1: Buy from a Store That Offers Bad Credit Financing

It might sound cliche, but the best place to buy furniture with bad credit is a store that caters to low credit or no credit buyers.

Many companies understand that not everyone has had the luxury of being dealt a good financial hand. Sometimes people become better with money as they age. Or, depending on life circumstances, student debt and underemployment can be a lethal combination.

That’s why it’s possible to find no credit, down payment-free options that allow people to get furniture for lease while making monthly payments.

If you opt for this approach, you can walk into a store with no furniture and walk out with an entire living room and bedroom suite.

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Option 2: Get a Co-Signed Loan

Do you have a close friend or a relative with stellar credit?

People don’t often think about this approach when they’re figuring out how to buy furniture with bad credit, but a co-signer can help you get cash upfront while neatly sidestepping a lot of those “How can you buy furniture with bad credit?” questions.

Of course, it takes time to go through the underwriting process. And it’s not easy to find someone who would be willing to put their own credit on the line to co-sign you. But if you can pull it off, the co-signed approach opens up a lot of conventional financing options to you.

Option 3: Improve Your Credit Score

If you have a bit of runway, you may benefit from taking a step back and working to boost your credit score so that you don’t have to call up stores while asking questions like, “Can you buy furniture with bad credit?”.

The process is simple enough. You pay down your debts, you lower your outstanding credit balances, and you make a point of using your credit responsibly.

And even if you still like the idea of getting lease-to-own furniture financing, you’re not boxed into it. In addition, if you ever need a loan in the future, all the work you’ve put in to improve your credit will continue to benefit you in the future.

This Is How You Can Buy Furniture with Bad Credit

The furnishing-to-living-space ratio is easy to take for granted until the day that you’re googling questions like, “How do I buy furniture online with bad credit?” and “Where are the best places to buy furniture with bad credit?”.

When conventional financing isn’t available, the good news is that you can still get the furniture you’re looking for. You just have to be a little willing to look for stores that are willing to let people buy furniture with bad credit.

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