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Can You Paint Roof Shingles?

Have you looked up at the roof of your house and thought: “If only I could change the color of those shingles!” Then this is the article for you!

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Can You Paint Roof Shingles?

For the average person, it can be hard to determine whether roofing companies can paint roof shingles or not. It might make you feel silly to consider reaching out to one of them over a potentially simple question that the internet can answer for you.

In which case, continue reading to get the answer you need from this current internet article on whether you’re able to paint on roof shingles!

The Possibility of Painting Roof Shingles

It might seem like a divisive issue about whether to paint roof shingles or not. The answer to that question is rather simple which is yes! However, there are pros and cons in choosing to paint your shingles. It would help if you considered the implications and benefits you might find before deciding to paint.

Advantages of Painting Shingles

  • Create aesthetic appeal
  • Increase roof’s lifespan
  • More affordable option

Disadvantages of Painting Shingles

  • Regular repaint maintenance
  • Risk of Damages

How to Paint Roof Shingles

If you’re committed to painting your shingles, that’s great! However, it’s not that simple to paint the shingles on your roof. There are a few factors you need to consider before having them painted.

Repair Damaged Shingles

If you or a professional is planning to paint your shingles, you need to inspect your entire roof for any potential damages.

Damages will get in the way of painting properly and worsen current issues. So, get your shingles fixed before you decide to start painting them!

Clean Entire Roof

There is nothing worse than trying to work with so much debris on your roof. Debris accumulates due to the weather, moisture, and falling debris like dirt and leaves.

These can result in black streaks appearing, which are blue-green algae. In which case, you don’t want to paint over it! Just clean everything and allow it to dry before any painting is done.

Proper Paint Application

Proper application and the right materials are needed for shingles to be painted successfully. You can’t just get any paint for painting shingles without knowing your roofing tiles’ material.

For the most part, you can paint over asphalt shingles, metal sheeting, concrete, slate, and clay as long as it’s paint that specializes in their material.

However, you can’t paint terra-cotta roof tiles since they have a glaze that prevents the paint from bonding to the surface properly. As for application, don’t trap moisture inside the roof layer because it can result in mold, mildew, and wood rot.

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Price of Painting Roof Shingles

Generally, you can expect painting roof shingles to be rather inexpensive. Depending on if you or a professional is going to paint, you can expect the price to range quite vastly.

Painting your roof shingles, yourself is quite affordable. You can expect to pay around $500 for all the materials that you would need, which would be: the paint, primer, rollers, and other equipment.

Yet, you might be paying more if your roof has a large surface area! However, the downside to doing this yourself is that you may not do a good job of painting. You may create damages that can cost you in the form of repairs to pay.

With a contractor, the cost to paint can vary on various factors like surface area, roof pitch, cleaning, and possible repairs. In which case, professional painting, on average, can cost around $2,500-$4,500.

Yet, don’t let that price deter you since all local contractors might have different approaches to pricing. That’s why it’s best to compare and get estimates from them to get an accurate quote on the price for your particular paint job. In that way, you can ensure you get good work done on your roof!

Painting the shingles on your roof isn’t impossible – it’s very much possible! However, it’s a home renovation that you need to think about first. It would be best to factor in whether you or a professional will get the job done, the cost, and the long-term implications of painting your shingles before you decide to do so.