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Do I Need a Roof Replacement or Repair?

According to some research, 90% of the roofing market is dedicated to replacing roofs.

If you’re thinking about whether or not you need a roof replacement or a roofing repair, there are definitely a lot of companies to choose from!

However, how do you determine what kind of roof maintenance you need? Keep reading to find out!

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Do I Need a Roof Replacement or Repair


Do you remember when your roof was installed? If you don’t, the material they used may be a good indicator of how old it is.

If it is over ten to fifteen years old, you should think about paying the money to get it replaced.

If it’s under five years old and doesn’t have permanent damage, you can probably just have it repaired.

But regardless of how old it is, if it’s showing signs of aging, you may want to consider just replacing it.


Are some of the shingles missing or damaged? You should look at the slopes of your roof that are always in direct sunlight because these shingles will the be ones that are affected the most.

If you see a few of the shingles are curling, missing, or broken, you can hire a company like Texas Roofing & Leak Repair to come out and fix those.

But if you find that almost every shingle is damaged, you might save more money just by getting a new roof.

For example, if your shingles start curling, your roof might be getting closer to the end of its life.

This can happen due to the weather beating it up, or just because it’s old. However, when they start curling, you’re more susceptible to having leaks in your room.

If there are any shingles that cracked, some wind damage may have ruined your roof.

If it’s only in a spot or two, you can get away with roof maintenance. But if all of the shingles are like that, you should look into roof installation.

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Speaking of leaks, this could be another sign that you need to replace your roof. If it’s only a small leak in one portion of your roof, you can probably just patch it up and be okay.

But if you find that your entire house is flooded after a bad rainstorm, it’s probably time to get it replaced.

Regardless of how big the leak is, make sure that you fix it as soon as possible. If you don’t, you could have worse problems down the road, like rotting framing, mold, or damaged ceilings.

Learn More About Roof Replacement and Repair

These are only a few things to know about deciding between a roof replacement and repair, but there are many other factors to consider!

We know that doing any type of home renovation project can be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out!

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