Attic conversions have been a focus for homeowners for many years, and there are many different reasons why an attic renovation is worthy of being top of the list of must-do home renovation projects.

With so many uses for the space available to you, your only dilemma may be choosing the right one for your family and sitting back while the design and build construction company make it happen.

Here, we offer some suggestions on why a renovation could be a great idea.

image - Top Reasons to Renovate Your Attic Space

Top Reasons to Renovate Your Attic Space

Creating Living Space

An attic renovation is perhaps the simplest way to create more living space. If you are considering an extension but are reluctant to give up the garden and outdoor space, building a room in your loft can be a quicker and equally suitable choice for you.

An attic can easily become an additional bedroom to cope with a growing family or an extra living room.

Perhaps you could use it as space away for the teenagers of the family or you might need a home office or a games room.

The possibilities with this extra space are almost endless.

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A Bigger Home

As we mentioned, a practical room in an attic can give a growing family some much-needed space to spread out.

This is so much easier than the upheaval of finding a new home and moving. If you’re happy with your home and the area that you live in, moving for more space should be the last thing you consider.

Speaking with a professional company such as Dedicated Residential Construction could be a wise move instead.

Not only could this ensure that you have the very best industry experts partnering with you, but they could also even offer design ideas you hadn’t considered to help you get the very best out of your home.

Less Mess Than A Ground Level Extension

With an attic renovation, there’s much less upheaval and intrusion than an extension, the work is all going on at the top of the house, so the mess is contained up there, it is certainly not as disruptive as other projects.

You can continue to live in your home with minimal disruption or having to take a detour to access your living spaces.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

An often-overlooked benefit is an improvement to your home’s energy efficiency which can not only make your home eco-friendlier but better for your energy bills too.

Attic conversions usually require reinforcements to your walls, ceilings, and floors as part of the conversion, which immediately adds to the insulation of your home.

Storage Solutions

In addition to gaining a bedroom or living space, you may even discover a bonus of extra storage space.

 Sloping ceilings lend themselves to hidden storage, so you can maximize the benefits of your new space and gain what is often much-needed storage.

Adding Value

Lastly, whilst not really a reason to go ahead with an attic conversion, a great added benefit is the extra value it is likely to add to your home.

A quality design and build within your roof space can be more than just a practical addition, it can add thousands to your property’s value.

Therefore, if you ever do end up deciding to move away, you could benefit from a higher selling price, giving you more money to spend on a new home.

If you’re now convinced that an attic room could be just the solution your home needs, it might now be time to find a reputable contractor, discuss style ideas, and get started on making your dream attic space a reality.