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What Movers Do/ Full Movers Services

If you are looking to move soon, for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect from movers.

There are many different types of movers, all of whom offer different services.

Some are long-distance; others are short distances, there are commercial movers who focus on companies and residential movers.

image - What Movers Do Full Movers Services
What Movers Do Full Movers Services

Whatever your moving requirements are, the main determinant of the type of movers you will hire.

You can always find great movers Woodland Hills, as long as you can define your needs clearly.

Here is the simple moving checklist that will help you determine the type of movers you need;

The Distance

This is where you are looking to move to. If you are looking to move a long distance, at least more than 100 miles, you should consider hiring a long-distance moving company.

If it is anything less, local movers would do just fine. The important thing is to make sure that they are trustworthy and they have all the licenses and requirements you need.

Your Belongings

The type of valuables you are moving is also a determinant of the companies you are going to consider.

If they are extremely invaluable things such as antiques, you might want to go for specialty services that are experienced in handling just that.

You might also have items that are heavy and need more than just one hand to move them.

If you own furniture and electronics that require dissembling and assembling, then you might need a company that is an expert in that, or at least, some extra services.

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What Movers Do

Here are the main things you can expect from movers;

Get Packaging Supplies

If you are not looking to lift a finger during the day you are moving, or at least don’t have the time to start looking for boxes to pack things, then you should hire movers to do that for you.

You can expect them to bring packing boxes, tapes, paper wraps, and all kinds of wraps needed.

Do the Packing

While most movers only come to move/ transport/ relocate your belongings to your new location/ house, you still can get the packing services if you need them.

Make sure to hire trained movers who can pack your belongings without putting them at risk of damage.

Assembling and Dissembling

This is one of the tasks everybody needs help with during moving. Furniture could be such a pain in the neck.

Dissembling and having to assemble them again is not an easy task. Full-service movers are hired to make this part easier for you.

Loading and Unloading

This refers to putting all your valuables in their moving truck and removing them once you get to your new house.

Make sure you hire trained staff that will make sure your belongings are all safely loaded onto the truck.

Make sure not to leave any valuables behind. Also, it is their task to do all the unloading.


Full-service movers are not only hired to pack up your house, they are also hired to help you with unpacking.

And this does not only refer to offloading. If you hire full moving services, you can expect them to get some of your valuables out of the boxes and make sure everything is settled where it is supposed to.

Disposal of Other Items

This includes things that you are no longer using; it could be the boxes and other packing material.

The last thing you want to add to the task of unpacking and disposing of is being least with dozens of cardboard boxes.

If you hire full-service movers, they are going to make sure your items are unpacked and the packing material well-disposed.

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