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Need Moving Help? 7 Important Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

In 2019, 9.8% of Americans moved homes.

Like these homeowners, you’re planning to move but you aren’t sure where to start. Hiring moving help is a surefire way to get your belongings safely from A to B but it’s important you choose the right company.

image - 7 Important Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company
7 Important Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are key factors to consider when hiring a moving company.

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1. Customer Service

A fantastic way to glean whether a moving company is right for you is to consider their customer service.

Reputable moving companies are accessible via the phone, social media, email, and in-person consultations. If a moving company takes ages to reply or is inattentive when answering your questions, it’s a major red flag.

Remember, this isn’t buying a t-shirt. This is a company that’s responsible for your family’s valuable possessions.

2. References

Before hiring a moving company, consider references. Ask your family and friends whether they’ve got any suggestions as they may know companies that don’t pop up on Google.

If not, check customer reviews on Google and on their social media channels so you can learn about the company and see if they have any re-occurring issues.

For instance, firefighter movers have a great reputation and will ensure you have a seamless move.

3. Licenses and Insurance

When hiring movers, it’s crucial they have proper licensing and insurance. Reputable companies have property damage and cargo insurance so if something happens to your belongings on the move, they’re liable.

It’s important to note that if you’re moving to another state then the company must have a DOT number which you can check on the United States Department of Transportation database.

Plus, the movers must protect their employees with the Workers’ Compensation and Public Liability Insurance. This means if they’re injured while working on your property, you don’t have to pay the expenses.

Remember, you have nine months to report any problems to the moving company and file a claim so don’t delay opening the boxes. On moving day, open each one and see whether there is any damage.

If there are problems, add them to the mover’s copy of the bill and they’ll have 30-days to acknowledge the claim. And within 120 days after receiving it, the company must deny your claim or pay.

4. Transparent Rates

Most moving companies charge per weight and mileage so look out for any small costs that may add up. For instance, it’s cheaper to pack your belongings yourself as movers add prices for boxes, packing materials, and labor.

Other costs include movers having to navigate stairs or elevators and if you live on a narrow street then the company may charge you for transferring your belongings to a smaller truck.

Because of this, you must ask the company about additional fees that may affect your situation.

You should also be wary of companies that charge prices that are too low as it either means they’re a scam or they offer a poor service.

Further, avoid moving companies that ask for a large deposit before moving. You should only pay upon delivery otherwise you have no control over your belongings and when you’ll see them again.

5. Lifting Equipment

Couches, king-sized beds, and large TVs need to be handled carefully. It’s not enough to move them force so make sure the moving company has the equipment to do this safely.

They must have box carts, elastic strips, moving blankets, and a forearm forklift at the minimum.

You should also consider their van options. Most companies offer basic vans, mid-size trucks, and semi-trucks depending on how many belongings you have.

You must calculate the cost of each option and consider the miles and weight as they can add up.

6. Years in Business

Use a moving company that has been established for years as it shows their expertise.

Don’t be afraid to ask them about specialty experience either. For example, if you’re moving into a high-rise apartment then ask whether they have the know-how to do that.

It’s important to note many companies work under a variety of names to avoid being assessed. Make sure that the moving company has a local address, telephone number, and information about licensing and insurance.

Check whether the company works under other names by doing a quick Google search and note their state and federal license numbers.

Then, find out whether anyone has had a negative experience working with the business by calling the consumer complaints hotline.

7. Contract

As a general rule, never sign a blank moving contract regardless of whether you think the company is trustworthy. The company should list their estimate, any extra fees, alongside your pick-up and delivery dates.

Thoroughly read the contract and make sure all your belongings are included. If your TV isn’t labeled on the inventory form before the driver leaves, then you can’t expect it to be in your new home.

This means you can’t claim for an item that isn’t added to the inventory list.

That’s How to Find Trustworthy Moving Help

Now you know how to find the best moving help company for your situation.

Reputable companies have insurance, licenses, and offer a clear contract so you know what you’re signing.

Before sealing the deal, consider the company’s reviews, references, and whether they provide excellent customer service. Only then, you should hire a company. Good luck!

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