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Home Furnace Repair: 5 Common Problems With Home Furnaces and How to Fix Them

If you’ve ever reached for the thermostat only to find your furnace won’t turn on, you may find yourself in a panic wondering what to do. Do you immediately call in the professionals?

The good news is there are repairs you can make yourself for some common issues furnaces encounter. With a little patience, you too can DIY a simple home furnace repair.

image - 5 Common Problems With Home Furnaces and How to Fix Them
5 Common Problems With Home Furnaces and How to Fix Them

So before you race to call in the experts, try these tips and tricks to get your furnace up and running.

Common Issues With Furnaces

Your furnace may be suffering from several common issues. As a result, it may act up.

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  1. Tripped Breaker

If your furnace is failing to turn on, it’s possible you have a breaker that tripped. Check your breaker panel to see if the circuit breaker for your furnace is turned to “Off”.

Flip your circuit breaker back and forth to see if it stays in the “On” position. Flipping it back and forth resets it. If this doesn’t correct the problem then the issue may be wiring or the circuit breaker, and an electrician will be needed.

  1. Dirty Filters in Need of Replacement

If your filters aren’t replaced at least every 3 months, there’s a good chance your furnace will malfunction. In addition, you’ll be recycling dusty air throughout your home.

You may notice the amount of heat circulating feels less than normal. Since dirty filters restrict the airflow throughout your home, changing it may help you solve your problem.

  1. Thermostat Issues

While you may think your furnace is to blame, the culprit may actually be your thermostat. Your thermostat controls the amount of hot or cold air that circulates through your home, so if it’s acting up then your furnace won’t work.

Begin by checking to see if your thermostat is on and set to heat. It’s not impossible to forget to change the setting as the season changes.

If your thermostat is battery-powered, be sure to change the battery yearly. This may be an easy solution to your problem.

  1. Take Notice of Vents

While it may seem obvious, it’s possible that your vents are blocked and you don’t even realize it. Walk around your home to ensure curtains and furniture aren’t preventing your vents from delivering heat.

  1. Service Your Furnace Regularly

One of the most common causes of a faulty furnace is lack of maintenance. Be sure to have a trusted HVAC company service your furnace annually as a way of preventing an issue from arising.

If you smell natural gas or suspect a gas leak, gather your family, immediately evacuate your house, and call your gas utility provider. Gas leaks are very dangerous, so treat them as an emergency.

DIY Your Home Furnace Repair

In many ways, the furnace is the heart of your home’s inner working, especially in cold winter months. Don’t be caught without your furnace when you need it the most.

Be sure to apply the tips and tricks discussed in this article and you’ll be ready to complete a DIY home furnace repair in no time.

For more information and projects for the home, be sure to check out our other DIY articles. Whether you’re looking for information about a home remodel or want to know the best contractors to hire, we’ve got the information you need.

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