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3 Types of Furnaces That You Must Know!

If you are looking to purchase a furnace for your home, then now is the time. It is still no cold in here and you will have no trouble in installing. With a good service, you can easily get it installed in your humble aboard. There are many types of furnaces you must look out for as per your need and usage.

There are possibilities that you don’t have much experience with furnaces. If that is the case with you, then you are at the right place. The terminology may seem a bit overwhelming to you but with the right guidance, you can easily understand the rudimentary difference between the type of furnaces we are going to discuss here.

3 Types of Furnaces That You Must Know
3 Types of Furnaces That You Must Know!

Before we go any further, you need to understand that furnace is a sophisticated and expensive piece of equipment. One thing goes wrong and then you will end up with a loss in money and time both. Therefore, you should always hire professional furnace installation Las Vegas only.

So, let get ahead with the type of furnaces and also some interesting facts about them (BONUS!!!).

Type of Furnaces You Should Know About

Let’s get started with the type of furnaces you should have your hands on.

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  • Electric Furnaces

Usually, when people are considering heating solutions, they usually don’t consider electric furnaces. These types of furnaces are usually considered as an alternative when no other type of furnaces is available in the area.

If you fall among these people then it is the only option for you and whether you like it or not, you have to opt for it. There are many pros to these types of furnaces. They are best for converting electricity into heat which is a great deal as there will be no residue left.

There is no requirement for fuel, which means you don’t have to install any fuel tank. All these factors make electric furnaces highly safe and less complicated equipment for home heating purposes. In addition to that, the space an electric furnace needs is way too less than the traditional one. This again makes the maintenance much simpler (Comparatively).

Let’s talk about the price. This is where electric furnaces are less preferred. Why? Because they are too expensive to install. Yes, I agree that the furnace itself is cheap but when it comes to installing the furnace it will cost you around $2-3k. You may be wondering that 3 grand is not a big amount, but it is the running cost that puts a damper on the furnace. The electricity it consumes can cost you way too high than other traditional furnaces.

  • The Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are the best and one of the most effective and most commonly preferred types of furnaces used widely by the folks living in the north. If you need an effective way of heating, then gas furnaces are your best bet. The major advantage of these types of furnaces is that they are cost-effective and monthly bills are too way too lower than that of electric furnaces.

Many furnace experts believe that these gas furnaces are environmentally friendly as well. The amount of greenhouse gas released by these furnaces is very less in comparison to other heating systems. You may be awarded a tax rebate due to energy efficiency by using the gas furnace for your house heating system.

Still, the gas furnace is considered to be expensive initially. However, with the passage of time, the cost will balance out the initial high cost. In addition to that, there is another factor you must want to consider is safety. We are talking about a gas hazard here.

The gas you use in the furnace is highly explosive. Even if you have a system to track a leakage, there is a possibility of reaching on the scene too late. I don’t mean to scare you off but this is a fact everyone should consider before making any final decision.

  • The Liquid Furnace

When you are looking for a liquid furnace, then the most common type of fuel you go for is oil. People all around the world feel comfortable purchasing these types of furnaces because of the high caloric value of oil.

However, there is a downside to the liquid furnace. They need a fuel tank of their own. So, if you are having a plan to install such furnaces, you need to leave much space not only for the furnace but also for the fuel tank. (Remember, there are no pipes to flow the fuel all around the house, so you need space for that as well.)

Also, in addition to that, you need to understand that this type of furnace runs on dirtier fuel than electric and gas furnaces. Also, they are also expensive. In my vision, it is a less optimal choice.

Now, you know about the main type of furnace available in the market, you know which one to choose according to your budget. Let us move on to some interesting facts about furnaces.

Winter Machine Fun Facts!!!

  • The furnace is most common in the US. over 60% of houses heat up with the help of a gas furnace. You can see that they are the most preferred choice in the US.
  • The furnaces were discovered by Romans in the early 1200 BCs.
  • The durability of the furnace is insanely longer than you think. One can last up to 20-25 years.
  • The installation of furnaces in the US is regulated by the Federal government because of the safety hazard.
  • Propane and natural gas are the two most common gases used in the gas furnace.
  • In Britain, they have no idea what a furnace is. They consider furnaces as industrial equipment used for smelting metallurgy.

So, do you like the post about the type of furnaces? There are many furnace brands you can choose from. The rest decision is on you. Let me know your thoughts on the type of furnaces you use in your household. Adios till then mate!!!

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