Featured of Furnace Maintenance and Safety Tips for the Fall

Furnace Maintenance and Safety Tips for the Fall

Furnace Maintenance and Safety Tips for the Fall — The weather is already cooler and the school season is in full swing. Soon enough you are going to have to rely on your furnace for comfort. But did you take all the necessary maintenance steps to ensure your furnace is safe and ready to use? Preventive measures are especially important during the fall before you start relying on it during the winter.

Furnace Maintenance and Safety Tips for the Fall

In this article, we will cover all the necessary furnace maintenance steps to ensure your comfort and safety during the winter and the holiday season.

Repairman Inspecting a Furnace (Furnace Maintenance and Safety Tips for the Fall)

Repairman Inspecting a Furnace – Furnace Maintenance and Safety Tips for the Fall

Schedule Routine Maintenance

You should have your heating system checked at least twice a year, once in the spring after the heating season is over and once in the fall, before a new one begins. Furnaces and fireplaces that aren’t regularly checked not only consume more energy, but can also prove to be extremely dangerous.

The older your furnace is the more important it is to have it regularly checked. In addition, many manufacturers require routine tune-ups to keep the warranty in effect.

These expert check-ups will ensure your furnace can withstand the increased pressure during the heating season and is able to keep you and your family comfortable and safe.

The worst mistake you could make is having the furnace serviced only when it breaks down. Not only could this lead to the furnace breaking down at a critical moment, it can also require costly repairs or a complete furnace replacement.

These check-ups usually last between 60 to 90 minutes, during which a technician will take care of things like the ignition and the exhaust systems, the heat exchanger, the air filter, gas pressure, lubrication, wiring as well as interior and exterior cleaning.

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Things You Can Do Yourself

Apart from these check-ups there are some things you can do yourself to ensure your furnace is always at its peak condition.

The first is to make sure you replace or clean your air filter at least once in two months. Air filters are the key component of your heating system as they ensure that the air in your home is clean. Additionally, not cleaning them may result in poor energy efficiency, leading to higher heating bills.

Second, make sure the vents and registers in your home are unobstructed. Blocking the vents could lead to excess heat building up in the ducts, which may lead to a leak.

Finally, seal any gaps in your insulation. Mainly focus on the windows and doors, as that is where the hot air is most likely to escape. By keeping the heat inside your home you will improve the energy efficiency of your furnace and lower the costs of using it.

DIY Furnace Safety Tips

Last but not least, you will want to make sure your furnace is safe. The main concern when using a furnace is a carbon monoxide leak. This is one of the most common furnace-related accidents and the main reason why you should have your furnace regularly checked.

To ensure the safety of your family, make sure to add carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home and in outside of your bedrooms. Make sure to test these devices at least once a month.

Avoid storing flammable materials like paint, gasoline, glue or others around the furnace or the vents.  Make sure the furnace is unobstructed, keeping items like furniture at least 3 feet away from the furnace. Instruct your children to keep away from the furnace.

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