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Top 7 Hacks When Moving Home – Things You Should Know!

Moving home is a common thing among most families. Research has even revealed that most families relocate at least three times before settling down permanently. However, moving home can be very stressful, and it can take a toll on you.

Luckily, moving doesn’t have to be a challenge to anyone—so long as they start planning early in advance.

image - Top 7 Hacks When Moving Home - Things You  Should Know!
Top 7 Hacks When Moving Home – Things You Should Know!

The following are simple hacks that you can follow when moving home for an easier and stress-free moving experience.

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Declutter Your Home

This allows you to pack less. Therefore, ensure that you get rid of the items that you no longer use. Reduce your workload and stress by decluttering your home before you start packing.

So, you must decide what you keep, donate, sell, or throw away. Moreover, don’t forget to take measurements of the new home. This will help in determining whether your furniture will fit, or which to keep.

Organize Your Items by Category

When moving, you might think of sorting everything by the respective room. However, there’s a better approach. Since you will pack things differently, it’s far much better to sort your belongings by category.

Therefore, rather than packing room by room, gather all clothes together, and then sort them. That is your clothes, kids’ clothes, etc.

You can also do the same for shoes, clothes, important documents, and other items. This will make it easier when unpacking.

Choose the Right Moving Day

You should have a specific moving date at least three months before your move—unless you are moving on short notice.

When moving, you have lots of plans to make, and items to organize. So, not knowing the days you have before your move makes the entire process a big challenge.

Moreover, ensure that you book your movers as early as possible. In case you are not sure about your moving date, search for a moving company that has flexible schedules.

However, you should note that most movers are busy during the weekends and holidays—and they can charge you more in case you are moving on such dates.

Therefore, if you can move during a weekday, do so—there’s a higher possibility to get better discounts.

Create a Comprehensive To-do List

Seasoned movers, Torex Moving says that a to-do list is essential when moving home, considering the things you’ll need to do.

This list will allow you to check your progress, and also remember all the important tasks that you should do. Therefore, note down everything you have to do on this list.

If possible, create that list on your phone, tablet, or PC, to minimize the chances of the list getting lost. Ensure that you add every detail that comes into your mind, no matter how small it is.

Once done, take some time to mark the essential activities on your calendar—and then set a deadline to achieve each task.

Sort Your Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are essential when relocating, and you will need a lot of boxes. It can be a challenge and costly to get moving boxes, particularly quality boxes. However, there are some places where you can get good moving boxes, like:

  • Your workplace – most offices receive packages every day or week. You can use these boxes, so long as they are sturdy.
  • Electrical stores – if you have an electrical store close to your home, just drop by to check whether you can get boxes that you can use.
  • Friends – if you have friends or family who’ve moved recently, ask to see if they still have their moving boxes.

However, you should note that you’ll need quality moving boxes. The last thing that you’d want is your boxes to start breaking the moment you start loading them to the moving truck.

Avoid Overpacking the Moving Boxes

There’s one mistake that most people make when moving home—stuffing all their items into a few boxes in order to reduce moving costs. However, this risks damaging your items, especially the delicate ones.

Always use as many boxes as needed—this helps in creating loads that are easy-to-lift. The heaviest box shouldn’t weigh over 50 pounds.

Set Your Moving Budget

Moving can be costly—and, the last thing you want is to drain your financial resource when relocating. Therefore, make sure that you have a budget for the entire moving process, as this will assist you to plan financially.

Today, we have online cost calculators, which assist you to get an estimate for your moving budget. Also, let your movers visit your home to evaluate the items that you’d like to relocate with. This will help them to give you an estimated cost of your move.

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