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Renovating Your Attic or Basement

A lot of us find ourselves with an attic or basement filled with junk, leaving us blind to the possibilities of what can be done with the space.

Whether it be a guest bedroom, a home gym, or an extra living room, you can transform any space into the room of your dreams. But what are the necessary steps to revamp your attic or basement?

image - Renovating Your Attic or Basement
Renovating Your Attic or Basement

Repairing Any Defects

It is likely that a room that is typically used for storing away the stuff you do not want to see will need some TLC. One example of this is cracked in floors, ceilings, and walls, but not everyone knows how to repair cracks in a concrete floor in basements.

Aside from being unsightly, cracks could be a sign of greater problems within your property, such as penetrating damp.

Therefore, it is important to investigate your house for defects such as these. Upon identifying these problems, you may carry out some research to determine the severity of the crack before consulting a professional if necessary.

Use Ample Lighting

Due to a lack of windows, attics, and basements are often dark and dingy, and this is not what you want for a newly renovated space.

You will want to invest in more than one light source in order to avoid this fate and make your room seem inviting. It is also a good idea to use energy-efficient bulbs to make your new space a friend to the environment.

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Clear the Space

When renovating an attic or basement, you cannot be afraid to throw things away. These spaces tend to be filled with stuff that we will never use but convince ourselves might come in handy someday. The last thing you want is a cluttered appearance in your fresh new room so throw away anything that you do not need.

Fasten All Wiring

Not only will secured wiring look much neater but it is also the much safer alternative. Each year, around 24,000 electrical fires occur in the US, which can be caused by frayed wiring. If your wiring is neatly tucked away, it is less likely to incur damage and result in fatality.

Set Up Storage

image - Set Up Storage

Particularly for attics, you may find your space has low or slanted ceilings which are not ideal for bringing in storage solutions. The most efficient solution is built-in storage as you can cater it to the space that you have available.

Soundproof and Insulate

Since attics and living rooms were not initially intended to be living spaces, you will want to take extra care to soundproof and insulate the area. You will need insulation around all your exterior walls and for attics, you will need to lay thick rugs to soak up the sounds of footsteps.

Furnish Your Space

As previously mentioned, you will most likely not be gifted with the highest of ceilings in an attic or basement. Therefore, you will want to select furniture that is suited to the room’s dimensions to avoid feeling cramped.


If you want to make the most out of your home, then renovating your attic or basement space is a great project to get started with.

Not only will you be privileged enough to have a cozy, new, and exciting space but it will cause the price of your house to skyrocket. The possibilities are endless when it comes to an empty room which can be overwhelming.

This being said, once you consider the needs of your home and plan accordingly, your renovation project will be well underway. What will you turn your attic or basement into?

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