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Cheap Trampoline Options – How to Choose the Best One?

Are you looking for a fun way of recreation for the whole family? Well, have you thought about purchasing a trampoline? These devices provide both children and adults with numerous interactive and health benefits.

All you need is a spacious garden with no obstacles that you can use for this purpose.

image - Cheap Trampoline Options – How to Choose the Best One
Cheap Trampoline Options – How to Choose the Best One

Nevertheless, choosing the right trampoline should be done with the utmost attention, considering the wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, and safety features.

You need a model that provides maximal safety and matches the size of your yard. Alternatively, you can choose the unique water trampolines for fun.

The following tips will help you choose the best one for your family.

Select the Right Size

The primary factor to consider when choosing a trampoline is its size, which has to be adapted to the size of your yard. Make sure you measure the yard in order to check for available space that won’t be obstructed by any branches or fences.

Bear in mind that trampolines are measured by the diameter of the fabric sheet, excluding the springs and frame.

Moreover, you are supposed to calculate one-meter additional space for the purpose of safety. It’s paramount for the space to be flat, as it’s the only way to take the necessary safety precautions.

If your garden is rather confined in space, you could choose a rectangular model, instead of a round one. Check this source for reviews of trampolines that come in a variety of sizes, and shapes.

Check Weight Limits

In order to choose the right weight limit, you need to decide whether the trampoline would be a way of having fun for the whole family, or just for your kids. In the former case, you’d need a model that is designed to hold up adults, while in the latter case you could purchase one of the models for children.

Trampolin - Check Weight Limits

Since children grow amazingly fast, you are advised to purchase a trampoline whose weight limit is much higher than their current weight. For instance, an 8 foot trampoline would be suitable for younger kids, but it won’t be of any worth once they grow up.

Therefore, instead of purchasing a few models in the course of their childhood, make sure you choose one whose size and weight would be suitable even in their teens.

Pick the Right Type

When making a choice, you’re basically provided with two types of models, the spring-based and Springfree trampolines. The former is considered to be traditional, using metal springs beneath the jumping mat for the purpose of bouncing.

However, most parents are discouraged from buying a spring-based model due to its lack of safety, as springs are likely to cause an injury while jumping.

On the other hand, Springfree devices have recently entered the market, as a much safer alternative. These models replace springs with composite rods that are placed under the jumping mat, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

Anyhow, they tend to be much costlier than traditional models, since you’ll be investing in greater safety.

The following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Stay-Safe-when-Using-a-Trampoline, includes some useful tips about staying safe when using a trampoline.

In addition, you’re also provided with the opportunity of choosing between in-ground and above-ground models. The former requires less space since they’re placed in a hole in the ground.

The size of the hole is determined by the size of the trampoline, which means that you’ll be doing a lot of digging. Also, you’d need to install a drainage system in order to prevent deterioration.

Conversely, the latter requires no physical labor during the installation process. They aren’t exposed to rusting, thus being more durable than the in-ground ones.

However, above-ground models are rather large, thus becoming the focal point of your garden. These are also considered to be less safe due to their height.

Check Safety Features

Probably, the most important factor to consider when looking for a trampoline is safety. Fortunately, these devices have become much safer than the ones in the past, providing an extensive range of safety features.

As previously mentioned, Springfree trampolines are believed to provide greater safety than spring-based ones.

Furthermore, the Springfree models are made with rods of composite material and hidden frames so as to prevent kids from getting injured by the springs. Additionally, the jumping mat is made from a shock-absorbing material and it’s enclosed with a net to avoid falls.

Consider Durability

Durability is considered to be an extremely important factor since your trampoline is supposed to withstand changeable weather conditions.

Make sure you choose a device whose jumping mat is made of closed-cell foam. Consequently, the padding won’t get soaked when being exposed to heavy rain and snow, as it would otherwise rot.

Moreover, the netting is supposed to extremely durable in order to prevent constant deterioration from the sun, rain, snow, and strong wind.

You’d also need a model with a strong metal frame so as to avoid rusting. It’s paramount for the trampoline to come with a plastic covering that is UV resistant, as sun rays are damaging for its material.

Look for Storage and Maintenance Tips

In order to preserve your trampoline in perfect condition, you are supposed to maintain it regularly and store it during winter. Regardless of its durability, no model would withstand the harsh winter conditions, unless it’s being protected properly.

Therefore, you could either leave it outside by using a plastic covering for protection or store its mat and springs inside during winter.

Naturally, you’re still expected to cover the metal frame so as to avoid rusting. Visit this page for some great tips on preparing your trampoline for the winter months.

Naturally, you need to take care of it throughout the year by checking for potential damage to the fabric and its parts. Bear in mind that regular maintenance is the only way to prolong its lifespan.

Wrap Up

Purchasing a trampoline means investing in safety and durability.

In order to have real fun, safety should be your number one priority!

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