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Choosing the Right Upholstery – Designers Tips

Upholstery can simply be defined as the materials that make up the sofas, chairs, and other furniture. These are important items found in our homes and having the best knowledge to pick the right one is essential as they come in different qualities.

image - Choosing the Right Upholstery - Designers Tips
Choosing the Right Upholstery – Designers Tips

You need to be able to not only know the quality of material to go for but also pick a color that complements the doctor of your home. Below is what you need to know before you settle on a fabric:

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Functionality is Key

You need to ask yourself what you need the fabric for. Do you need the fabric for short-term or long-term use? Where would you be pacing the furniture?

For instance, furniture in the living room area is more likely to wear and tear faster since that is where you may be entertaining your guests in comparison to that in the bedroom. Also, consider the people who will be using the furniture.

Kids and pets require a special kind of fabric that will not be ruined shortly after you have just bought it but when your home has neither, you might as well go for a luxurious material.

Choose a Color You Will Never Tire of

Color is the first thing you notice when buying furniture. Colors do affect the mood of your home thus it is important to pick one that strikes a good one unless you have some stack sitting somewhere that you don’t need, you may as well ensure you pick a color that may never tire you down the road.

Pick a safe color that is normally neutral tones such as brown, gray, tan, or beige which will satisfy you in the long run.

It is advisable to avoid the delicate colored material where there are kids or pets as they can be pretty messy and cleaning can be such a task.

Go for Solid Fabric

Solid colors are the safest couch color options as it is easier to achieve harmony of colors in your home when you incorporate other items.

Solid colors will allow you to put items of other colors in the room without everything looking so chaotic or busy.

You can also throw in rugs with patterns, print or floral designs safely if your furniture color is solid. In other words, solid colors harmonize easily with other colors.

Neutral Upholstery Might be Easier

Neutral colors come in different shades of beige, gray, and brown. When designing your home, a great combination of colors is top on the list as we all want homes that wow us! Neutral colors come in light and dark shades.

Depending on the shade you go for, pair up the dark shades with the lighter shades. It is also important to consider the color of your floor. You don’t pick a color that will make the furniture disappear.

Outdoor Fabric is Ideal for Pets and Kids

Though there is a big range of upholstery material to choose from, when you have kids and pets you ought to choose a fabric that will not easily get a tear or scratch.

A basic rule in choosing fabrics suitable for kids and pets is that you should always go for a tight weave.

Consider darker colors that do not show dirt easily and as a side note; avoid placing the dark colors where there is direct sunlight as they can fade.

Close Attention to Tone and Texture

Texture and tone of the material determine the durability, quality, and maintenance of that fabric so it is important to have your needs right and thus get the correct fabric.

Luxurious woolen blends, for instance, are suitable in areas where you plan to rarely use such as the library.

In busy areas such as the living room where you plan to host guests, materials like velvet and chenille are more ideal. Homes with kids and pets should avoid materials like silk that can easily be damaged.

Comfort and Durability

There will be no point in going out only to shop for a material that does not make you comfortable. While looking for comfort, we also need to check materials that are durable.

Leather and polyester are great examples of materials that provide both. Leather is comfortable and it ages quite well even giving you more comfort and is very easy to clean.