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Choosing the Right Construction Company

Construction companies oversee building projects from the planning to the finishing stage, working with designers and architects, hiring and supervising subcontractors, getting building permits, as well as scheduling exams or inspections.

Selecting a construction company for your home building project is a major decision that needs careful consideration.

The demand for engineers is high given the quick pace of technological change. 19% of the UK’s workforce are employed by this industry. Civil Engineers London play an important role in improving construction methods and sustainability.

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Choosing the Right Construction Company

Understand Architectural Design

Every building starts with a vision and architects prepare drawings that fully communicate the design of the project to those involved in the construction process of the space.

It is important to choose a construction company like Prosperity Construction Services that understands design and architecture, who works closely with your architecture team so building materials are used correctly and additional waste and costs are avoided.

They should understand the building design phases to bring your ideas to life.

Must be Licensed and Insured

Hire a licensed construction company that can handle your building project in the most professional way so you are not at risk of a lawsuit.

Make sure your construction company has the necessary liability insurance and all employees are covered under workers’ compensation insurance to protect you from liability in case of accident or injury.

A bond provides a certain amount of liability protection and if the construction company fails to complete a job as needed, the bond can provide compensation to you.

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Have Extensive Experience

Experience is key to completing a building project to high standards and having a strong portfolio of past projects serves as a testimony to that experience.

Construction companies that have been in business long are usually best to handle your building project as they use industry best practices to plan, manage and construct first-class buildings.

They have experience working with teams of skilled construction workers and are able to choose the most talented and reliable team to work with, have a sound financial footing, and good safety record.

Manage Project and Timeline Well

A construction company should give a realistic timeline to complete your building project, stick to a budget, and handle communication efficiently.

A proper construction timeline allows time for delivery of supplies and for unforeseen hassles like order mix-ups, construction snags, or bad weather.

Any issues should be communicated immediately so the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible keeping the project on track.

Make sure the construction company has enough employees, the needed equipment, and good quality materials to do the job.

Handle and Advise on Costs

A good construction company like Prosperity Construction Services will be willing to advise you on the financial side of the project regarding expected costs and financing those costs.

Never pay in advance for your entire building project, only pay a deposit, because the contractor won’t have the incentive to complete or begin the project.

The actual construction cost of a project must be clearly defined because it may not be finally determined until after the construction work is complete, even if a contract states a ‘fixed price’ or ‘guaranteed maximum price.

Provide a Comprehensive, Clear Contract

The details in your building project contract should include all aspects of the project including the scope of work, payment terms, methods of settling disputes, and legal rights.

Read the contract carefully and understand all terms including guarantees and warranties. If you are unsure about anything, have a knowledgeable person study it and give you more advice before you sign it.

Your contract will likely allow for the amount to be adjusted due to variations to work, claims for loss and expense, or fluctuations so you are advised to hold a contingency.

Share References from Satisfied Clients

Ask people who have used and worked alongside construction companies to give you recommendations.

If your construction company has a history of satisfied customers they should be able to give you a list of references you can follow up with.

Find out about how they work, how many projects they take on at once, what their main area of expertise is, and whether they work with subcontractors.

Ask to see their current projects and find out how many projects like yours they’ve completed.

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