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Moving Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

When faced with moving, most people underestimate the undertaking of the task. Tight deadlines and budgets create the potential for chaos during these significant life events.

Without a plan, stress and finances spiral out of control. Using these simple tips, you can take charge of your budget and bring peace every step of the way.

image - Moving Tips that Won’t Break the Bank
Moving Tips that Won’t Break the Bank

Moving Checklist and Budget

Before you begin, it’s important to create a thorough checklist of what needs to get done before the move. If you are having trouble getting started, your realtor will have inside tips, or conduct an online search for suggestions that fit your needs.

After creating your checklist, compare it to your budget to decide what is realistic. If your checklist is too expensive, look for tasks that can be done DIY or eliminated entirely.

By starting with an organized plan, you are more likely to stay on track. Checklists leave you feeling confident, focused, and on budget.

Find Reusable Boxes for Packing

Shipping stores sell boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the added expense is not necessary. By putting in a little effort they are so easy to find for free.

If you are looking for moving boxes, simply reach out to your community. Most neighborhoods have some sort of social media site for posting requests.

If a neighbor plans to throw theirs away, many are happy to pay their boxes forward. If social media doesn’t give you luck, retail establishments are a fantastic place to seek help.

Because they receive frequent shipments, they throw away a lot of boxes that they are willing to share. By reaching out to find reusable boxes from your community, you can cut this unnecessary expense.

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Ideas for Free Packing Supplies

When packing boxes, any awkward-fitting items will require packing supplies to protect them during the move. Rather than spending unnecessary money on purchasing new supplies, this is an opportunity to get creative.

Since you are moving things like kitchen and hand towels anyway, these can be used to cushion your belongings. Newspapers make great packing material as well.

Not only will it fill the negative space in your boxes, but pieces wrapped in the newspaper may avoid friction in transit.

For such a readily available item, there is no reason to purchase packing paper. If you don’t have any on-hand, your local community will, once again, be a great resource.

Anything considered irreplaceable may need special care, but most things will do fine with creative packing methods.

Hiring an Affordable Moving Company

By saving money on your moving preparations, you will free up money to hire a moving company to take the burden off of your big day.

Choosing professionals over going the DIY approach will make move-in a smooth transition, rather than a taxing chore.

Whether you are leaving a small apartment or a large home, the experts at Low Budget Moving are ready to help. They provide free estimates based on your needs.

With the right trucks and equipment, they make sure your move happens seamlessly and on time. Using their quilted moving pads, plastic wrap, micro-foam, and more they will protect your things while in transit so you can relax and enjoy your move.

Taking a few steps to properly plan your next move will reap enormous benefits. Without the added anxiety of incurring high financial costs, you will be able to tackle the project with better ease.

This time can bring a host of mixed emotions, so it’s important to make the transition as smooth as possible.