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How to Save On a Relocation with a Professional Moving Company

Moving is so stressful because it takes time, effort, and most importantly, money. Many people believe that they simply cannot afford the expense of using a professional moving company.

However, with these helpful tips, you can get all the benefits of using the pros while sticking to your moving budget:

image - How to Save On a Relocation with a Professional Moving Company
How to Save On a Relocation with a Professional Moving Company

1. The Size

The first factor that movers use to calculate a quote is the expected size of your move. The more household goods you have, the bigger the removal van is going to need to be.

It may even take more than one trip to move. So the first step you want to take to save money is to downsize your household.

Get rid of large furniture items and appliances that are in disrepair or are damaged. Also, do away with any other items that are cluttering your home and that you have had no use for in a while.

If you are struggling to decide what to keep and what should go, a professional organizer can help. Alternatively, get a trusted friend or family member to assist you with their objective opinion.

As a bonus, you can sell the items you no longer need online, to a pawn shop, or at a yard sale. The funds can go towards boosting your moving budget.

2. The Distance

The second most important factor that needs to be calculated is the distance that needs to be traveled. If you are moving in the same neighborhood, it’s going to cost much less than moving across states or even abroad.

Once again, reducing the size of your move to minimize the number of trips that need to be made is important.

It is also recommended to contact a removal company with more than one business premises if you are moving far.

This will save you having to pay for the return trip of the truck once you have been successfully relocated.

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3. Additional Services

Forego those additional services offered by the removal company. A packing service is the most common but you can easily box up your own household items.

You can get free boxes from your local supermarket or other retail outlets. Collect free newspapers for packing material. Start packing early and tackle one room at a time.

Remember not to overpack a box. This increases the risk of the box breaking and spilling the contents. It is also much more difficult for the movers to lift.

Also, don’t pack your boxes too sparingly causing items to clash against one another and break during transit.

4. Insurance

Some moving companies include the cost of insuring your goods in transit. Find out whether your household insurance policy provides cover for your household items for the duration of the move.

Alternatively, contact a couple of insurance providers and ask them for a quote for short-term insurance to cover the goods in transit.

You may be surprised at how little they cost is. It is however highly recommended to make sure that your belongings are insured against accidental damage, theft, fire, or other eventualities.

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