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Top Tips to Get the Most of Your Self-storage Unit

A storage unit is not something where you dump your things randomly, which can only lead to chaos. You do that only when you discard garbage in a garbage bag or try to pack too many items in a suitcase.

That’s not how a storage unit should look; hence you need to learn how to pack a self-storage unit before using it.

image - Top Tips to Get the Most of Your Self-storage Unit
Top Tips to Get the Most of Your Self-storage Unit

When you store stuff in a self-storage unit, you should be able to retrieve them quickly, for which they need to be kept in an organized manner.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your self-storage unit:

Find the Best Storage Provider in Your Neighbourhood

If you are new to renting storage spaces, you can’t afford to take chances. Spend some time to do a bit of research online to find the best storage company in your vicinity.

Check out the deals and discounts they offer for first-time renters and get the best deal.

You first need to locate a storage space provider closest to where you live. While you are at the place, also check who provides remote services for leasing storage space.

Check the sizes available, and shortlist the ones that have the sizes that suit you best.

Size Makes All the Difference

Don’t be in a hurry while selecting the size of the storage unit you want to rent or lease. You need to estimate the space required for the things you wish to store and then go for the size that best suits your needs.

Making a wild guess with a mental estimate goes wrong most of the time.

You can either rent a space that is too large for your needs or woefully inadequate; both choices are going to cost you money unnecessarily.

Underestimating your space requirement leads to a lot of unwanted stress because you’ll realize your mistake when you are midway, which is a wasted effort, besides the time and money you spent wastefully.

Make a checklist of all the things you plan to store in the unit and for how long. It makes sense to measure the larger pieces, which will help you decide the size of the storage unit you need quickly.

Getting the size right is one of the significant answers to your question, “how to pack a self-storage unit?” Before you are done, you’ll realize that size matters most.

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Decide Whether You Want Outdoor or Indoor Storage Units

If you are working with a shoe-string budget, maybe you want to explore possibilities with an outdoor storage unit, which is comparatively cheaper.

Suppose you have a lot of fragile stuff that needs to be stored on a safety-priority basis. However, you need to realize that such safe, indoor units cost a lot more to rent or lease.

However, outdoor storage is not without its benefits. You can drive right up to it with your stuff and unpack. However, if you want protection from the vagaries of the weather, an indoor unit makes better sense.

You are the best person to decide whether you want an indoor storage unit or an outdoor one.

Pack in a Systematic Manner

It would be best if you allowed time to systematically pack all your items, saving space and time as you can access your stuff anytime you want.

Put the oft-used things in the front and the ones you are rarely going to use right at the back. Number each box against an itemized checklist of the items in it and stack the boxes methodically.

Put your label on all the boxes (where they are easily visible) to facilitate quick access.

You will need an assortment of boxes in various sizes and specialty boxes like mirror boxes, wardrobe boxes, and dish packs.

You’ll also need to order customized crates if you have any artwork or other delicate stuff to be packed. Bubble wrap, old linen, towels, and so on, and packing paper are ideal for filling the gaps and cushioning the items to keep them safe.

Don’t Forget the Insurance Part

Any storage unit company would insist on getting renters insurance against loss or damage for the goods you store because it is not their responsibility.

This way, your stuff is safe, and even in the event of any compromise, you are fully covered.

While at it, look for the best renter’s insurance policy, and include the storage unit you are renting to the homeowner’s insurance coverage.

You may also purchase a third-party insurance policy through the storage company.

Summing it Up

Packing your things and having them stored in a self-storage unit takes a lot of time and effort. You may want to check out some companies that offer free storage tips as part of their storage space service.

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