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How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Usage

A self-storage unit is often the best idea when you need to move out or don’t have much space to keep everything in your apartment.

However, what will you do if you need to pull out a sweater, boots, bake-wares, or party decorations? Will you pull out each box in your storage unit and look for the thing you need? That seems frustrating, right.

image - How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Usage
How to Organize a Self Storage Unit for Frequent Usage

The solution is merely organizing your storage unit for frequent use, so you don’t have to worry a lot when to take a single thing from a whole lot of stuff. Organizing your items in a storage unit is an art.

It would be best if you determined each of the items’ place. It will make it easy for you to dig in a specific box instead of looking at tens of packages to find your desired object.

It will also ensure that arranging and packaging things will last a lot longer than when they kept randomly.

Continue reading to know all about organizing your stuff smartly in a self-storage unit for frequent use.

Organizing Your Self Storage Unit

In today’s world, as the population is growing, the living space has constrained a lot. Apartments are usually not big enough to house all the stuff we own.

So, renting a storage unit is always the best idea. For example, in Washington, Olympia storage units provide the best area where you can keep your stuff secure for a long time.

However, the key is placing everything wisely and in an organized manner. Use the space like a pro and manage all your things. Following are the things you need to consider when renting a storage unit:

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Ensure Availability

While placing the boxes, ensure that they are not stacked upon each other randomly.

Moreover, do not forget to leave adequate space between the boxes, so you don’t have to move the whole boxes in front to reach the boxes in the back.

The passage between the compartments will make things a lot easier for you and make you a pro in storing objects in a storage unit.

Rank everything

Rank everything according to their importance in day to day usage. Also, rank all the similar stuff close to each other.

Keep all the essential things in front, and don’t forget to keep the things you will frequently require in front of you. It will help you get the items without messing with all the others. The ranking is the key.

Ensure you do it before you get to save your stuff. It will help you avoid the frustration and time wastage in locating the desired item

Enlist Everything

Organize everything beforehand! Make sure you enlist everything and assign each element to a box. You can make tables and know which things to place in which package and give that box a master label.

It is a smart trick, of course. Keep your lists saved in your diary. It will take a bit of time to enlist the things before storage, but it will make the rest of the process a breeze.

Print out the lists with the master label enlisting the items of the carton. You can then scotch-tape it to the sides and the top of the box.

This type of listing also makes it easy to calculate replacement cost for each storage box if you will avail moving insurance for your stuff.

Never forget to place the fragile sticker on items that can break. So, neither you nor the one helping you in moving your stuff handle the box like others.

Now you can easily trace down the item you want from your packages with the box number, and you don’t have to look into a whole lot of stuff to look for a single object.

Save The Space

Now you must be thinking about storing all the mass of stuff and leaving passages in the storage unit. The answer is simple. Be wise with using the space.

For example, furniture and other larger items tend to take a lot of space. Don’t forget to disassemble it to save the extra space they are taking.

When you disassemble the furniture, make sure to place all the bolts and screws in a container and mark it with a label. You can also set multiple objects in the hollow spaces of furniture.

Ensure the Stability

Moreover, to ensure the boxes are well stacked and do not lose their stability, you can use suitable size boxes. Stacking will be a lot easier if you use packages of equal sizes.

Go for boxes of two sizes in maximum. It will help you have a stable symmetry and remove the last box of the stack easily.


Storage units are the best ideas for saving stuff when you do not have enough space. However, storing your belongings doesn’t mean you stuff all your things haphazardly in an area.

And once you do that, there will be no use in ranting when you can’t relocate your items when in need. So, be wise and take ample time when it comes to saving your items.

To help you organize the stuff like a pro for frequent usage, we have listed the most important things you need to consider. Follow them precisely, and then you never have to whine about getting anything out of the storage unit.

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