Featured of Home Improvements: Why You Should Use Self Storage When Renovating

Home Improvements: Why You Should Use Self Storage When Renovating

Being a homeowner can be stressful. And few experiences greatly exacerbate one’s stress levels like going through a remodel or renovation project. Undoubtedly, at one point or another, every homeowner will have to undertake such a demanding and stressful experience.

Home Improvements: Why You Should Use Self Storage When Renovating

Home Improvements: Why You Should Use Self Storage When Renovating

Keep Clutter Out of the Way

No matter the size of the renovation project, from a small installation to a complete overhaul, careful planning and organizing is necessary.

The last thing you want to have to deal with while subcontractors and inspectors go in and out of your home is to face unnecessary clutter and mess. During a renovation project, your accumulated possessions and furniture can really get in the way and become needless safety hazards.

Why You Should Use Self Storage When Renovating

Using a storage unit to safely store your belongings can be a good way to remove unnecessary safety hazards and minimize disruptions during a remodel. Here’s how to use storage solutions to make home remodeling projects go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Plan Ahead

Just like your renovation project, careful planning is required to get the most out of your storage hire. Take stock of all your belongings before researching on-site storage solutions. You may be surprised at the number of possessions you’ve accumulated over the years.

Go through all your belongings and store only the items you plan on keeping. Anything else can be donated to a local charity or sold off. Doing this before approaching self-storage companies will enable you to increase storage efficiency and space.

  1. Do Your Research

When choosing the right storage unit for your renovation needs, be sure to do your homework as previously discussed, as units can come in all shapes and sizes. Having a good grasp of how much space you require for your project ensures you avoid paying extra for unused space.

Remember that costs may vary according to the storage company and your selected unit. Shopping around and asking for quotes will give you a good idea of what you’ll need out of a storage space. Sometimes, making a few phone calls can also result in finding a better deal.

Other things to consider when choosing a storage company include:

  • The security of their facilities or units: What security measures do they employ?
  • Insurance: Confirm with your home insurance provider whether your belongings are insured while stored in a storage unit or not
  • Location: Location is a determining factor in the cost
  • Deciding on the right type of unit: In certain climates, particularly dry climates, your belongings may benefit from a climate-controlled unit
  1. Maximizing Your Space

There are several options available to you when it comes to safely securing your belongings during a renovation project. Knowing how to maximize the space in each storage unit ensures you maintain easy access during and after the renovation.

From storage containers like mobile mini storage pods to storage units like those found at local self-storage facilities, keeping the space organized before a renovation guarantees a hassle-free move post-renovation.

When packing belongings into boxes, try to source similarly sized boxes. This allows you to safely stack boxes high and eliminates the risk of boxes tumbling over. Certain storage companies will provide brackets for shelving so you can maximize the walls throughout the storage unit.

Most of all, don’t forget to leave an aisle in your storage unit to allow for easy access to items when you need them.

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Additional Benefits of Storage

Every homeowner that’s ever gone through a renovation will tell you that it is a time-consuming and messy affair. And while the scope of your renovation will determine the type of storage solution you’ll require, without a doubt, moving your belongings into storage units ensures a safe and hassle-free renovation.

Not only do you eliminate clutter from your home as you or the hired professionals work around the house, but you also prevent irreversible damage to your belongings. Dust and paint splatters are just some examples of the irreparable damage that could be done to your most precious items (family heirlooms, expensive furniture, etc.).

By choosing to transfer all your necessary belongings to a storage space as your home goes through a remodel, you gain peace of mind knowing that all your precious items are safe in their temporary space.

And with so much going on as it is, the last thing you want to add on top of that is needless stress.

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