Small Apartment Hacks — If you are a young professional or a college student who is living in a small house, then it won’t be wrong to assume that maybe you need to spend more than you can afford. Especially if you are living in a big city apartment, there are chances that you might face space troubles.

Small Apartment Hacks That Will Help Make Your Life Easier

Small Apartment Hacks That Will Help Make Your Life Easier

Small Apartment Hacks: These House Hacks Will Help You Make Your Life Easier

So if you wish to make your life easier and a bit hassle free then read on as this article gives you some valuable insights regarding house hacks. These hacks will help you maximise your space and turn your small apartment into a quiet place that is nifty and comfortable to live in.

Foldable Table

This table can be slid in, into the cabinetry and pulled out when it is to be used. A handy hack, this table allows you to move freely when not in use. Whenever you are having a meal or need a larger cooking space, just pull this table out, and you are good to go.

Whiteboard Table

If you have a whiteboard the best place to put it is not on the wall but on your table! Yes, you can use your whiteboard as a table top for eating along with writing your to-do things on it, so as to save space on walls and make things look less cluttered.

Stackable Table Chair Set

If your budget allows you can invest in a set of chairs and small tables, that can be stacked up and kept in the corner of the room when they are not needed. It is an excellent way to entertain your guests while saving up on some space.

Bed With Boxes

A bed with boxes is a desirable object in every small apartment. It allows you to store clothes and other seasonal items that you do not require for the current time being. You do not have to set up a separate cupboard for such things if you have a bed with box storage.

Hang Your Bike

If you have a bicycle and you have to bring it up to your apartment every night it is suggested that you do not keep it in the hallway or in your living room, but keep a specific wall where you can just hang it up. This will also make the area look good.

Hooks Instead of Rods

Be it a towel rod or a coat hanger, such things take up more space of your wall. A good idea here would be to use coat hooks for hanging your clothes towels and other garments. If you have a roommate, this is a useful hack.

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Shoe Hanger

This hack is useful if you do not want to add up another shoe cabinet that takes up your space. Take a wire hanger and manipulate it in such a way so that it can be used to hang up shoes. Do not hang the wire hanger too high. Spaces behind the door are perfect for this.

Magazine Rack

Instead of laying around all your magazines on the table or near your bed,  you can use a vertical magazine rack. This little DIY object can enable you to save up a lot of space while keeping your magazines organised at the same time.

Mint Cases

If you have a set of those little aluminium mint cases then you must consider yourself lucky, as these mint cases can be very easily converted into your medicine or first aid boxes. They can even be doubled as your vanity boxes that can all be stacked up into your bedside drawers for easy access.

Sliding Pantry

This hack is by far one of the most useful hacks. A sliding pantry along the wall will not only save a lot of space but will also increase the functionality of it. It will make it easier for you to procure things while you are cooking or eating.

Vertical Cutlery

When you are setting up an apartment that is a bit smaller in size, you must realise that stalking things vertically will enable you to save more space. Your cutlery is no exception to this rule. In fact, you will save a lot more space when you stalk your cutlery vertically and also it would be easier to manage this way.

Toothbrush Storage

You can cut some small spaces in the horizontal bar of your medicine cabinet and hang your toothbrush inside them vertically. In this way, you will not need to put up separate toothbrush holders on the walls of your bathroom.

Container Magnets

If you have lightweight and unused containers then you can turn them into storage magnets. Just affix a magnet within the container and stick it on your fridge. You will instantly create some extra space for keeping your car keys, pens or others smaller but necessary things.

Magnetic Bathroom Supplies

Coming to your bathroom it has been noticed that a lot of things are always lying around because they are frequently used. An ideal hack here is to install a magnetic bar right up your sink and fix up all your necessary items such as the nail cutter or the filer on that magnetic bar. This allows easy access and a non-messy look.

Soundproof Your Walls

A hack worth mentioning here is soundproofing your walls. Yes, that is right. Experts from Soundproofing R Us suggest that if you live in a city like London, that too in a smaller apartment, you are bound to hear some unwanted sounds and noises. The situation can turn frustrating for you, however, soundproofing your walls can be a plausible solution for your apartment (if you are the one making noise then this accessory is a must!).

Remove the Doors

A good hack here would be to remove your kitchen doors or common passage doors. You will be surprised to know how much space you will free up once you are done. Your kitchen door might not be required that much, and space can be utilised for setting up an extra shelf or cabinet.

So here are my fifteen feasible hacks that will help you from wasting space in your smaller apartment and give it a cleaner look. You will love the space you are in once you are through with the implementation of these hacks.