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9 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Place of Luxury

Life is stressful and it’s only increasing with the pace of modern life. One of the safe havens from stress is your bathroom, which is a great place to pamper yourself and to relax.

One of the best ways of turning your bathroom into a place of zen is to take steps to turn it into a place that is relaxing and invites peace and calm into your life

image - 9 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Place of Luxury
9 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom into a Place of Luxury

There are certain luxury items that you can accessorize your bathroom with that can do exactly this.

Assess Your Space and Color Accordingly

In many modern properties, bathrooms occasionally get overlooked and the space available is minimal. This is a shame but not the end of the world. One of the first things we can do is to assess the available space and maximize it.


If you’re finding that you would like your bathroom to look more spacious, the first port of call is to purchase a luxury light, pastel shades coloured paint.

The reason for this is the dramatic effect it can have on giving the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is.

It will also make your bathroom look brighter, especially on lighter, sunny days.

High-quality paint is also important if you’re a clean freak. Cheap paints aren’t usually mould-resistant, which means the growth of unhealthy germs in the mould.

This makes expensive paint a great gifts for germaphobes too.

Adding Windows or Skylights

An expensive and luxury addition to your bathroom is to upgrade your windows to something bigger to allow for more light to come in.

Some bathrooms don’t have the possibility for large windows, so we need to look elsewhere for a fix if this is not possible for you.

A skylight installed into the ceiling, looking out through the roof is one way to add light to your room.

The more light you have coming in, the more open, peaceful, and calming the atmosphere of your bathroom will be.

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Natural light can be quite limited in a bathroom, so an important luxury accessory to consider is bathroom lighting.

You are aiming to create as much brightness and openness in the atmosphere as possible, as we mentioned above

Luxury Building Materials and Decor

One of the most important things in creating a bathroom that lasts is to use the right materials. Hopefully, this goes without saying since you’re searching for luxury.

You don’t want to see:

  • paint which is losing its finish and becoming cracked or blistered
  • the wallpaper which is flaking away from walls
  • mould in between tiles (this can be avoided by using waterproof Wedi boards under your tiles)

If you’ve decided on the wallpaper, then spend a little extra for the vinyl-coated variety to stop the rot.

For paint, ensure you use enamel-based oil paint instead of water-based paint which doesn’t last as long in moist conditions like your bathroom.


Marble has a long tradition of being known for luxury and used inexpensive bathroom builds.  Though it’s not cheap, it does give a touch of class and luxury that other materials can’t.

Once the decorating has been done, there are many choices available for luxury bathroom accessories that will add to your experience and the satisfaction you get from your bathroom.

Make Your Bathroom Even More Luxurious with a Whirlpool or Sauna

As well as the standard bathroom suites, mirrors, lighting, and furniture, which tend to be in just about every bathroom. there are other special features that are rarely found.

These will set your bathroom apart and give it a touch of uniqueness.

Whirlpool Bath

One of these luxury upgrades is the whirlpool bath.

Whirlpool baths are nice and relaxing and especially useful in the treatment of certain illnesses or injuries to your joints like arthritis and others.

They also help recovery from muscular injuries and are a must-have luxury accessory for anyone who wants to reduce their stress and tension from daily life.


One of the most luxury bathroom accessories that people want to be installed is a sauna.

Obviously, you will need to consider the space in your bathroom before you can even think of getting one.

Saunas do come in many different sizes and shapes though, so there is a good chance you’ll find one that works in your bathroom, whatever the size of it.

Saunas are certainly expensive, but nothing says luxury and gives your guests the “wow” factor like having one in your bathroom.

Summary for a Luxury Bathroom

You’ve heard the saying “pay cheap, pay twice”, and it applies very much to create a luxury bathroom. Go for the best options when choosing paints, materials, and other accessories and you will be very happy with your new place of relaxation.

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